5 Hair Care Tips for Fall

Summer may be your favorite season, but your hair is hardly his biggest fan. Sun exposure, saltwater, and sweat can literally pull moisture from your strands, leaving them dry and prone to breakage. That is why a lot of girls decide to cut their hair on the eve of autumn.

But is this really necessary? Do you have to part with the last centimeters, or there is a second chance for them to shine again?

Pick N Dazzle experts have collected for you the 5 best tricks with which you will be able to pamper your hair at the beginning of autumn; here they are:

1.Trim up your hair

Refresh your hairstyle by removing the blooming and already dried ends. In fact, this type of haircut should not deprive you of even an inch of length, if you visit the right hairdresser, of course. Dried edges are removed by a particular method that will give your hair a healthier and more vibrant look, and will make it more alive and dense to the touch. Such trimming of the edges is recommended every 2-3 months, so now is the perfect time to cross out this task.

2. Invest in styling products

Yes, you probably use hair crystals, but every woman knows that! You miss one of the most critical steps after a bath, and these are the styling products. They will help you style your hair more comfortable and avoid annoying tangles. Our experts adore MDS HIGH GLOSS HAIR GLAZE, based on a non-alcoholic formula with a complex of fruit extracts. It creates softness and shine, removes static electricity, improves hair combing, and fixes it. Choose your favorite product from the series here and start your five-star hair care today.

3. Forget about the ponytail

It's sad, I know. Tight tails are a real temptation on hot summer days, but consider how harmful they are to you.The beautiful hairband you use does not change the fact that your hair is torn from it and your scalp screams for help. Pull down your hair and let it run wild. Like anything else, hair needs rest. If you still want to store it safely, choose a comfortable strap or barrette. Our clients are in love with the cute Pick N Dazzle hair strap, which is super soft and practical.

4. Change your shampoo and conditioner

Many of us are used to using the same products in the bathroom. 

This is often where some of the main problems lie. Read the labels of your favorite shampoo and conditioner again and study their ingredients carefully. If you do not find anything disturbing in their composition, but still have some doubts, just diversify your routine by trying other products and monitor the effect of them. Pick N Dazzle experts love ESSERE. Formulated exclusively in Italy, Essere products are composed of natural and organic ingredients obtained from certified organic farming and organic crops grown in Tuscany, without silicones, petroleum, and animal derivatives.

5. Equality in care

Pamper your hair the way you pamper your face. I am sure that your daily facial skincare includes many more and diverse products than your hair care routine. There is a large selection of serums, masks, crystals, and others on the market today that will help you hydrate and nourish your hair. Undoubtedly one of the most intriguing products specializing in hair care is the Detox Wrap by The Cosmetic Republic. It is designed to revive the scalp and damaged hair. In just 15 minutes, it improves the hair's elasticity, providing shine, volume, and strength. The formula is gentle and rich in collagen, hyaluronic acid, and keratin, and the healing properties of avocado oil, jojoba, macadamia, almond oil, and honey extract nourish the hair, leaving it silky and moisturized for a long time.

Taking care of yourself has always been and will be in fashion! Start your subscription today and have fun with the high quality and innovative products of Pick N Dazzle. We are waiting for you!

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