Detoxing after the holidays has never been easier

The most common things around this time of the year are new year’s resolutions and… detoxes. During the holidays we combine unhealthy food with a total lack of exercises.

What’s more, we become queens of procrastinatiоn. That’s why the first days of the new year are a great way to start over and to have a healthier lifestyle. Not a diet, but a total new way of living.

Here are our easy steps how to overcome the post-holiday laziness and be more satisfied with the way we look and feel.

Renew your skin

The upcoming winter months often cause serious dehydration. Our skin feels thirsty and a good and proper care is crucial. Cleaning your face is an essential part of every beauty routine.

The easiest way to detox your face is to start by cleansing deeply with the help of our Kueshi cleansers, for example. Whenever you are on the go, you can always use the easiest way for a make-up removal with GLOV.

Facial masks are what actually what nutrishes your skin the most. A good example are the Korean Beauty masks.

Keep an eye on how much water you drink

Shoot for eight cups a day. Yes, we know it may seem tedious and impossible at first. But give yourself time. Once you help your body recognize it lacks of water, your brain will associate the sense of dehydration with a need for glass of water, instead of a need for junk food. Water is life!

Avoid coffee 

Especially on an empty stomach.

Caffeine stimulate the production of hydrcochloric acid in your empty stomach that later on causes digestion problems. That’s why we feel hungrier once we down an espresso early in the morning!

Eat slowly

Give your body time to digest and to realize it’s full. Thus you lessen the chances of overeating, enjoy your meal more and your brain has more time to recognize what’s happening. It’s nothing but chemistry!

Try to practise the “slowly living” more. Stay away from your phone even once a day while eating! 

Add proteins

Yes, it may sound as the biggest cliché, but it works. If your meal contains nothing but carbs, the chances that you feel hungrier in an hour are much bigger. 

Drink more tea

A cup of detoxing tea be it matcha or green tea can bring significant health benefits. It boosts your immune system, detoxicates the liver after the holiday parties and prevents from headache. What more?

Eat until you’re full

Don’t limit yourself too much. If you are still feeling hungry, grab a handful of nuts or fruits. Just don’t clinge on junk food. Do not cheat!

Eat vegetables

Chop your veggies into smaller pieces. Grab them as a quick snack whenever you’re feeling hungry. We all have a tough time finding ways to eat enough veggies in our regimen, but the smaller the pieces are, the better we digest. Vegetables are so essential!


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