The Best Ways to Deal with Bug Bites in the Summer
It’s all summer fun until someone gets bit. No one enjoys an irritating, inflamed, extremely itchy bug bite, but it seems like no matter how much insect repellant we apply, those pesky bugs still attack us. Before you steer clear of the outdoors all together, take a look at these remedies for dealing with the irritation.
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Legendary British-Belgian actress Audrey Hepburn’s face is unforgettable, and most of us, even if we’re not historic film buffs, have probably seen it in one place or another.
It's all about them digits. And we're not talking phone numbers.
Seriously, Don’t Steal Someone Else’s Partner
Stealing someone else’s partner makes for an awkward “how we met” story, and yet more than half of relationships begin this way, according to one estimate.
Spring 2015 Trend Report
Nostalgia for the early 1970s dominated the runways this season, but the Spring fashion message went beyond “make love, not war.”
Mysterious and Spooky Sheet Masks, Halloween
If you are not quite the person to go wild with a Halloween party and even if you are, there is another way to make a mark of the night! With the funny and yet effective famous Korean sheet masks. Are you a lover of sheet masks?
Naomi Campbell Rips Instagram Models: “We Had To Earn Our Stripes”
One of the queens of the catwalk is not a fan of the Instagram models. Legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell swung on by The Meredith Vieira Show on Friday where she didn’t hold back on her thoughts surrounding the social media models.
Never Worry What Makeup To Wear For A Job Interview Again
Whether you’re fresh outta college or 10 years into your career, job interviews can be seriously scary. But, like all things in life, they're all about preparation when it comes to your résumé, references, and yes — even your makeup.
Norma Kamali and her beauty routine
She is bright, energetic, and most of all, incredibly (and naturally) gorgeous. She is known for her bathing suits that give you the body of a goddess. Oh, we almost forgot. Norma is 68. Now you want to know even more about her, right?