Mysterious and Spooky Sheet Masks, Halloween

If you are not quite the person to go wild with a Halloween party and even if you are, there is another way to make a mark of the night!

With the funny and yet effective famous Korean sheet masks.

Are you a lover of sheet masks? Or just curious to try a new one out there?

In either case, we have a selection of options to make some fun and to cleanse and nourish your skin, AND to celebrate Halloween.

Take a look.



This horror mask is a skull mask that contains rice extract, which is known as a super food that gives skin elasticity, makes skin moist and lively.

100% pure cotton is used for firm and comfort contact feeling and moisturizing. 



Highly enriched essence in a mask for immediate moisturizing. Super moisturizing content maintains moisturizing even after remove the mask.




A wanderfull carachter sheet mask by Berrisom. Contains green tea extract. Green Tea helps to soothe tired skin.

This mask also helps moisten dry skin. Get it here

We love a good sheet mask; it’s like candy for the face — a delicious little luxury we won’t indulge in every day, but are straight-up delighted when we do.

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