Aniko takes Pick N Dazzle on a new adventure

Aniko Molnar is a photographer, journalist, climber, runner, skier, and pilot.

She has won a prestigious Sony World Photography Award. She has climbed 7,000-metre-tall mountains and scaled 1,000-metre vertical rock faces.

She pilots glider planes in the Alps – a sport which involves being airborne for five to eight hours and embracing uncertainty, as you cannot predict where you will land.

Glider pilots depend on air currents, “like birds,” Aniko says – “it’s total freedom.”

Always looking for a new challenge, Aniko learned to pilot engine planes, too.

A journalist, artist, and athlete, Aniko is now also Pick N Dazzle’s ambassador in Hungary, where she is working to connect the company with new audiences.

Aniko knows the Hungarian public well thanks to her 15 years of experience in television – as a news anchor, presenter, and also behind the camera as a TV documentary director.

At the same time, Aniko has a background in beauty. In her late teens, she worked as a model. Now, as a freelance journalist, Aniko writes about beauty companies for the Hungarian edition of Forbes.

Pick N Dazzle is a new concept in the country, and Aniko is “spreading the news” via the website and social media.

After Pick N Dazzle’s success in other countries over the past five years, it is clear that there is lots of room for growth in a market where curated beauty is still unknown.

Aniko is using her photography and writing skills to connect with women in Hungary and tell

Pick N Dazzle’s story.

She likes the work because of the “freedom to create something”. “There are no restrictions, so you can let your fantasy go,” she says.

Meanwhile, Aniko is experiencing Pick N Dazzle for herself. Since her modeling days, she has valued beauty and wellbeing. 

She is also interested in fashion, but “I’d rather spend money on skincare or makeup than clothes. If your skin is glowing and your hair is nice, then you don’t need fancy clothes.

After filling out her beauty profile on Pick N Dazzle, Aniko received what she likes most: organic and natural skincare. “Now, I’m reading all about these brands,” she says – NaobayAbellie and Kueshi are new to her, as to most women in Hungary.

For Aniko, Pick N Dazzle has felt like a personal gift. “Everyone likes to get presents. I just opened the box and I started to think, when is the second one coming?” she says.

“It makes you happy to open this box, and, ah, wow.”

Aniko also got two lipsticks in her first box. “I started to discover that, okay, lipsticks are nice,” she says. While she has a set beauty routine, she doesn’t mind trying something new.

As with skincare, Aniko loves her exercise routine, but she also goes on new adventures.

When she is not away mountain-climbing, off-piste skiing, or ­piloting a plane, she runs every day and does intensive yoga. “I’m not really a meditating person,” Aniko says; for her, yoga is a way to get stronger.

Aniko’s favourite exercise is her daily run in the forest near her apartment on the outskirts of Budapest. “I can relax more during running than yoga and meditating,” she says.

A day before our interview, Aniko went running in the pouring rain: “I was soaked, but you feel good. If you run, you know it doesn’t matter if it’s raining.”

Aniko breaks boundaries to go farther and higher, chasing her sense of freedom.

With her on board, more and more Hungarian women are sure to get the “ah, wow” experience of Pick N Dazzle and join her in her pursuit of wellness and self-care.

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