A Beginner's Guide to Color Correction

A Beginner's Guide to Color Correction

There are so many color correcting products on the market, but the basic rules are applied to all of them. If you feel like you need to cover up certain imperfections, but you don't know how to use each color to complement your skin tone, then keep reading.


A deep orange shade (sometimes even red) is perfect for warm skin tones because their veins often have a green-ish tint and this color balances out the overall look. It's also great for covering up dark undereye circles and tattoos.


This is perfect for yellow-toned spots or discolorations. Just apply it lightly until the spot is neutralized, then continue with your foundation of choice in tapping motions. 


Red and green are complementary colors which means that applying a green concealer over any red spot, vein or pimple will create an even base. You can use it on any area prone to redness, even on your cheeks and around your nose. 


Peach tones are the most popular because they work perfectly for neutralising blues and purples and most people will find it useful for tired eyes or bruises.

We hope our guide has helped you in choosing the best color for your problem areas. Also, we recommend these Miss Cop products because they're accessible and easy to use. Create your Beauty Profilesubscribe and choose your favorite and most suitable products.




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