4-Step Korean Beauty Routine

4-Step Korean Beauty Routine

Korean women are known for their natural beauty and immense attention for skincare. Today we're analyzing their 4-step beauty regime and talking about what makes it so unique.
If you want an extra special treatment for your skin, you can also try the 10-step system, but this simplified one will definitely make a change in the way your skin looks.

1. Foam cleansers
Any good skincare routine starts with cleansing your face and Korean Beauty is no different. Foam cleansers are among their favourites because it's a fast way to remove any impurities and prep the skin for the next steps.

2. Toners
Even though these are sometimes overlooked by many, toners are the heart of Korean beauty. Be it natural essences or simple hydrating toners, this step is important for maintaining the natural balance of the skin and keeping it nice and healthy.

3. Hydration
Hydration comes in many forms: from potent serums to light-weight moisturizers and sheet masks. They all serve the same purpose: adding moisture to the skin and keeping it plump. Korean women never skip this step because they know how important water is for the well-being of their skin and it's also a good excuse to throw in a quick, relaxing massage.

4. SPF
Whether the sun is out or not, it's important to protect the skin from the harsh effects of the UV rays. So sunscreen is always part of their beauty regime, especially because Korean women appreciate their light complexion and want to keep it spot free.

We hope this quick guide to a proper Korean skincare regime will inspire you and keep a close eye on us. Soon, we'll be talking about some of their most popular sheet masks and how you can add them to your own weekly routine.

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