The tremendous skincare benefits of honey

The benefits of honey in beauty products are endless. Not to mention honey has been used in beauty treatments for centuries. In the 1800′s women used honey and milk to prevent wrinkles and keep their skin tone pale. The famous beauty, Madam Du Barry, the mistress of Louis XV, used honey extensively in her beauty regime, as did Madam du Sevigné, Marguerite of Navarre and Agnes Sorel. The latter called honey “the soul of flowers.”

Today, honey is used as an important skincare ingredient by cosmetic companies such as Abellie in order to help with different skin conditions. And there’s pretty good reason for this. Honey is a rich source of natural sugars like fructose and glucose along with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It has a nourishing, bleaching, and astringent effect on the skin, as well as it is a good antiseptic. This natural, delicious golden liquid is simply one of the best ingredients to include in our beauty routine. Here’s why: 

1. Honey is ultra moisturizing. It not only attracts water but also retains it in the skin, so the skin remains supple and elastic. It also protects against dryness, so at the end you’ve got the most soft, clean, and crunchy skin ever.

2. Honey is a super-powered acne fighter. Yes, honey’s antimicrobial power translates into clean, clear skin even in the skin-finicky teenage years. As honey can fight infections below the skin's top layer by unclogging pores and drawing out impurities, it can help you deal with acne problems. 

The active properties of honey penetrate the blocked follicle, killing the bacteria which cause acne and any infection. So what we’re trying to say is that with regular use of honey cosmetics, your skin will be supermodel clear.

3. Honey is a sweet way to avoid skin aging. You have probably heard about Cleopatra, one of the most timeless beauties. What was her secret? Milk and honey baths. There’s no doubt that her use of honey contributed to her wrinkle-free gorgeousness. With its natural antioxidant properties, honey neutralizes the free radicals responsible for signs of aging. Start early, use honey regularly, and you’ll still be crunchy when you’re 110.

4. Antiseptic properties. Honey has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which give its healing power. These properties help prevent the growth of certain bacteria by producing the enzyme hydrogen peroxide. Thus, honey can be utilised as a natural treatment for wounds, cuts and abrasions to promote healing.

We at Pick N Dazzle are amazed by the endless benefits of honey. That was the reason why we choose the original French brand Abellie as one of our premium beauty brands with honey and organic Royal Jelly. Abellie products will be featured in the Dazzling and Premium Pick collections. Check our website regularly for more detailed information about the brand or go to How It Works to learn more about our services.

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