Sun Kiss - we deliver Summer in a beauty box

Can’t wait, do you? Can't wait for the hot days, the bright sun, the hot afternoons and the chocolate tan. You just want to wear a light dress and sandals and dive into the summer!

Just a few more months and this will be a reality, but for Pick N Dazzle’s girls, summer will come right now, beautifully packaged in our Pre-Summer Box.

We chose to include products which to prepare your body and soul for the summer, to hydrate the skin and to give it that sunny kiss we all dream of.

Keep a little more patience, we reveal them one by one:



We don’t need to introduce you Cocosolis – the brand itself is a legend in the world of summer cosmetics. We chose their Mango Sun tan & Body Oil with a mix of pure, natural organic oils, enriched with natural vitamin E, because it creates a fast, smooth and saturated complexion. Its delicious mango aroma is “he cherry of the cake”, or mango, if you prefer!


Stretch marks? No thanks! COCOSOLIS Stretch Mark

If you still do not feel in a position to tan in a swimsuit, we give you the opportunity to choose not tanning oil, but dry oil against stretch marks, again from the brand COCOSOLIS. COCOSOLIS Stretch Mark dry oil is a completely natural product designed to effectively fight stretch marks on the skin. Scented with tangerines and with a light texture, the dry oil absorbs quickly and deeply and is great for everyday use.


Attention, sun burn! SOL LEON – SUN CREAM

We all like the sun, but we must not forget that excessive sun exposure can lead to serious skin damage. That’s why the use of SOL LEON sunscreen - SUN CREAM is your ticket to a calm summer. Enriched with a Phyto complex of walnut shell and carrots, the cream helps to achieve a tan quickly and naturally by protecting even the most sensitive and delicate skin from dehydration, peeling and aging.

Enriched with aloe vera, which has soothing, emollient and hydrating properties.

We remind you that the SPF factor shows how many minutes you can calmly expose yourself to the sun - SPF 30 = 30 minutes, SPF 50 = almost 1 hour.


Bye, bye dark spots!‚Äč ECOOKING VITAMIN C SERUM

Vitamin C has a proven good effect on the structure of the skin, smoothing the complexion and removing pigment spots. As summer is the moment when they stand out the most, don't forget to give your skin juicy drops ECOOKING VITAMIN C SERUM in the evening.



Our customers describe it as "tasty and hydrating". We have nothing to add except that it is available in several shades, and just a look at its packaging will set you on a summer wave.


Refresh yourself whenever you want with PURE SERENITY SHOWER CREAM

Moisturizing aloe, Japanese cherry blossom and fragrant Yuzo are combined in this shower gel in a way to refresh not only the skin but also all your senses.


Dream, plan, make summer your own size with PINK SWAN ROLLERBALL MISS KAY

A small fragrant roll-on with a lot of energy to create an exceptional summer mood. Soft and gentle, like a leaf, this fragrance perfectly complements your elegant mood. Pink is your power color, perfect when you feel elegant, fearless and powerful at the same time!


Please, Do not disturb! I make myself beautiful with FRUDIA POMEGRANATE NUTRI-MOISTURIZING MASK

The sheet mask with 46% pomegranate is generous with nutrients. Pomegranate was one of Cleopatra's favorite fruits because of its soothing properties. Polyphenols soften wrinkles and hydrate. Relax for thirty minutes with this mask, just as you would on the first day of your summer vacation.

Nice start of the summer, isn't it! We, Pick N Dazzle, have prepared our SUN KISS box with a lot of positive summer emotions. We want to share them with you, because we all deserve a lot of sun and beauty. All you have to do is order here your Sun Kiss box and get ready for the summer >>>

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