POOL DAY or vacation every weekend

We all dream of a long vacation, 2-3 weeks to completely not to think for work, for our daily and household duties, or even better 2-3 months to move to a caravan or house by the sea. Dreams that only a few of us can make to come true... However, if we create a plan to taka a rest at the end of each week, we will have the feeling of a vacation all summer. In any case, according to psychologists, a long break excludes us from the work process and the stress of returning to work and catching up with all e-mails is quite high. Not to mention that we need to prepare everything for our long absence and get acquainted with the whole process that we missed after that. And the time spent traveling, packing, organizing and choosing the best deals.

So let's look at it from the good side, summer is a time for positive thinking, and every weekend holiday also satisfies us, so accept the Pool day concept with open hearts. Yes, not all ladies are in a good mood to enter public pools, but here we are talking about the feeling the idea gives us that at the end of the week we will indulge in pleasant moments with friends, make a great tan, drink a cocktail. And all this without having to pack, travel all day and we can afford it every week.

Honestly, we don't have to wait for a great tan until August. And if we start with a few sun baths by the pool now and especially strengthen the complexion with CHOCO SUN TAN & BODY OIL, things will go on well. It is created with the highest quality organic cold-pressed oils and not only helps to quickly form a chocolate tan, but also nourishes and hydrates the skin intensively, leaving it silky smooth, soft and firm.

And of course love, kissing and hydrating the lips to be juicy as watermelon. We chose GOURMET LIP BALM WATERMELON COSMOPOLITAN, which has natural oils: almond, coconut and jojoba and with a great summer aroma of watermelon.

What else do we need for good self-confidence - a nice casual hairstyle, without much preparation. The MADES RECIPES JUICY DELIGHT volume shampoo has a light formula, increases the volume, gives strength and density, while offering smoothness without weighing down the hair. The perfect shampoo for summer with conditioning agents that can remove felting and straighten the hair. It also has a summer passion fruit scent. Gives shine to dry hair, leaving you with straight and smooth hair.

Beautiful skin is pure skin. ROSE GOLD micellar water is real rose gold, contains a powerful mix of innovative ingredients, supported by the anti-aging superstar Vitamin C, which deeply hydrates. Wrinkles look smoothed, skin elasticity is improved, contours are well defined, and the overall look of the face is rejuvenated and radiant - for a real fresh summer look.

And if we talk about a leisurely time by the pool, then this can not be done without a cocktail in hand. A refreshing Mojito with lots of ice and fresh mint. It is also available in our Pool Day Summer Box. Start the party with MOJITO BODY WASH - a fresh and vibrant cocktail for your body, which perfectly nourishes the skin, awakens the senses and keeps us in a good mood throughout the day. The rich mint formula also increases the levels of Vitamin C, which exfoliate and reduce dark spots and circles. This mint and fresh body tonic will leave your skin feeling fresh and strong.

And if after this wonderful day you are still not in harmony with yourself, we have included in our summer box HEALING IN HARMONY shower gel, which will calm your body. The traditional grape seed oil and lavender oil from the Alps help soothe and restore the skin. Soap-free shower gels for soft and creamy cleansing of the body without drying the skin, without SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, colorants and mineral oils.


You can find all this summer magic in POOL DAY SUMMER BOX only from Pick N Dazzle.

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