Lady Lya: Say hello to our new brand

The product experts of Pick N Dazzle have been testing natural and organic makeup for years and found result-driven buys. Our awareness of what we put in and on our bodies became our priority.

It led us on a determined mission to find natural and organic products that could live up to our skins expectations. After years of exploring the organic field, we found products that are worth it. Let us introduce to you one of our favourite brands: Lady Lya.

Ladylya Biologica was created with one simple purpose in mind; to provide a line of clean cosmetics that meet and exceed the high standards of your makeup needs and at the same time, promote a healthy complexion for your beauty routines.

 Green, the new colour of beauty

This little goodies are called Ladylya Biologica (Organic) and are made and certified in Italy. The range is extremely long lasting and provides you with an extensive variety of vibrant hues to match your skin tone. 

Those long-wearing eye pencils are silky-smooth to the touch, gliding on effortlessly and offering the ultimate glamorous look. Ladylya Biologica stands out with its high-quality products, elegant in their packaging and appearance.

Created to suit the beauty needs of every sophisticated and dynamic woman who respects both quality and nature, this range is characterised by high-quality raw materials. The packaging of all the products is elegant and carefully designed to enhance the features of the whole range. 

Certified organic

The term “organic” indicates that all the products of Ladylya Biologica contain no chemicals and are made from 95% natural ingredients while the remaining 5% are synthetic ingredients, belonging to a specific list approved.

Ladylya Biologica are recognised worldwide through the presence of a logo certification CCPB (Consortium for the Control of Biological Products, recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture). 

The range is recommended to those with sensitive skin, or to people with allergies to some conventional chemical makeup.

The Ladylya Biologica range is composed by high-quality Eye and Lip Pencils enriched by Sweet Almond Oil that softens, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, Sesame Oil with antioxidant properties and Vitamin E.

This range offers also All-Over Jumbo Pencils and Concealers Jumbo Pencils enriched by Apricot Kernel Oil, Soy Oil and Vitamin E.

New perception of beauty 

Ladylya Biologica gives a new twist to the perception of natural makeup. We fell in love instantly with this brand, because we believe that women should not have to sacrifice their health in the name of beauty.

Very often traditional makeup uses a variety of chemicals and comedogenic ingredients that clog the pores and impede the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen. As a result, when chemical-based makeup is applied constantly, the skin loses its vitality.

By using the naturally occurring minerals, organic extracts and pigments, and by keeping its products free of paraben, gluten and harsh chemicals, Ladylya Biologica has created a range of nature-based makeup that not only works with your skin and supports its natural vitality, but also feels luxurious and looks glamorous with beautiful finishes that are long lasting.

With Ladylya Biologica products, women really can have it all.

You can find Ladylya Biologica products in our personally curated beauty picks, sealed beautifully and packed carefully with love and care exclusively for you.

Those brand products are designed to suit the desires of all nature lovers and surpass their expectations. You can find out more on Ladylya Brand Page

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