“It’s Just Different”: Maria Shares How She Uses Pick N Dazzle

Maria Goulisheva, otherwise known as Social Ladybug, runs social media campaigns to spread the message about our beauty boxes.

Working for Pick N Dazzle is not the easiest assignment she has had.

Maria explains that, globally, subscription boxes are a relatively new idea. But even in this particular segment, Pick N Dazzle stands out.

“It’s not just a subscription – it’s a service,” she says. Unlike other boxes, our products are tailored to each client’s issues and build up a holistic, individual beauty routine.

Even though Pick N Dazzle has become a recognisable brand, many people are still unaccustomed to this kind of service, Maria says. She works to show people how it works and what the advantages are.

It’s important to Maria that Pick N Dazzle saves us time. Contemporary women are busy, she says: we work, we take care of our children, and we have high standards for our looks. We want to be in shape, to have healthy skin and hair, and to wear makeup that suits us. All of this takes time.

Maria herself is very busy, so Pick N Dazzle is perfect for her. “Someone else thinks for me and delivers the products,” she says. “This solves a big problem in my daily life.”

Maria observes that, faced with an infinite choice of beauty products, people can feel lost. There are women who want to buy cosmetics, but they can’t even begin to research what would work best for them. Relying on an expert helps.

That’s another advantage of Pick N Dazzle: each box is curated by our team.

An algorithm suggests products based on a customer’s beauty profile, and those are reviewed and edited by an expert. This ensures personalised, holistic care in each box.

Maria suffers from dry skin in winter, especially on her hands. She has tried “thousands” of creams, she says, and she is rarely satisfied. After filling out her profile on Pick N Dazzle, she received a Treets Traditions hand cream in her first box.

“I’m in love with it,” she says – it provides relief, and she uses it all the time.

Maria likes this help with beauty issues. “I’m good at my job, and I believe that, in the same way that I’m good at what I do, I can trust other people who are good at what they do,” she says.

“I admit that I’m not an expert in cosmetology, nor do I want to be. I’d like someone else to tell me what to do, so I just have to do it. Because even that isn’t easy for me. Sometimes I don’t even have the time to do a face mask and relax.

Another benefit of Pick N Dazzle that Maria has experienced is that it motivates us to keep working on our beauty goals. The boxes are a reminder to take care of our skin, health, and beauty.

When someone sends you an individually selected face mask, Maria says, you feel compelled “to add it to your calendar.”

It is Maria’s job to solve issues for various online businesses, and she gets satisfaction from seeing them grow. She appreciates that, at the same time, Pick N Dazzle is solving issues for her.

She has healthier skin, and she saves time. She has a little more energy to spend on her passion – travel.

“I like to go to little restaurants in foreign cities,” Maria says, “where the locals go… to immerse myself in their way of life.”

That is just one way to spend your free time while our experts solve your beauty routine.

If you’d like to see for yourself what Pick N Dazzle offers, you can explore our plans here.

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