How to Sweatproof Your World Cup Face Paint

How to Sweatproof Your World Cup Face Paint

Try a primer. A thin layer of oil-free primer will help extend the life of whatever you're wearing on your face, whether it's foundation, concealer, or brightly colored face paints. Just avoid primers that say "hydrating" or "anti-aging." These formulas usually containing extra moisturizing ingredients that will get greasy when you start to overheat.

Graduate from drugstore face paints. You know the ones we're talking about—they come in a box with Frankenstein on the front, although you could never actually re-create that look with the products inside. Instead, pick up professional-grade makeup paints from brands. 

Set your designs with powder. This is such an important step! Anyone who wears makeup under hot lights sets it with powder—ballet dancers, pop stars, actors on the red carpet. It's the number-one way to absorb oil—like dry shampoo for your face. If you have room in your

purse, bring a pressed-powder compact to the game. Makeup artists often send their clients down the red carpet with a prepowdered puff in a ziplock bag so they can blot throughout the night. Choose a translucent formula so you don't mess up your colors.

Use a makeup-setting spray. If your skin is naturally shiny or prone to acne, stick with powder. "These sprays don't do anything to protect your makeup from the oils your skin produces," says cosmetic chemist Ni'Kita Wilson. They contain the same ingredients that give hair sprays their hold but in very small amounts. (DO NOT use actual hair spray on your face. It's unsafe and won't work on top of certain types of makeup.) "If you use a setting spray before you start sweating, your makeup may look fresh for an extra hour or so," says Wilson. Well, good thing a soccer match only lasts 90 minutes.




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