How to stay fit and healthy during the holidays

Did you know that you don't have to wait until January to start practising your New Year’s resolutions?

In fact, you are more likely to succeed if you start with some small steps during the holidays.

That way, when you wake up on 1 January, you will not be starting from scratch, and the transition will be smoother. 

Positive change does not happen suddenly. It’s slow and steady – just like, from Christmas onward, each day is a little bit longer until we get to summer.

If you expect that, as soon as the holidays are over, you will work out regularly, eat salads at every meal, and lose weight, while also improving at your job, wearing perfect makeup, and traveling more, you may be setting yourself up to fail.

Overhauling your professional and personal life while starting a brand-new routine is not likely to happen.

It’s better to prioritise. What matters to you the most? Is it dropping a few kilograms? Securing a promotion at work? Having better skin?

Pick one or two things, and you can start working on them right now.

Why should you not wait until the New Year? In many ways, January is the worst time to be changing your life.

The holidays have just ended and your vibe may be lower, which can decrease your motivation. When you return to work after a few days off, you also have less time for your resolutions.

Plus, there is the added pressure that, with the New Year, you need to get a fresh start and invent a whole new you.

Unfortunately, this does not work. 80% of people who make New Year’s resolutions give up on them within six weeks! Going slow and steady is much better than getting overwhelmed and giving up.

Trying something new is easier over the holidays, while there is less pressure. It is not January yet, and you are just “warming up” for your New Year’s resolutions. As with sports, this can help you succeed.

Want to be fit and healthy in 2022? Many gyms are open during the holidays – you can sneak in a light workout and get some time away from all the dinners and parties.

If the gym is closed, you can always go for a walk. Even 30 minutes of walking have proven health benefits and will refresh and destress you.

Are you wishing to upgrade your beauty routine, for example by using a face mask each week? You can treat your skin while you’re wrapping the presents and preparing the holiday meal.

Want to eat better in the New Year? In that case, we have an important piece of advice for you: learn to say no.

When food or drinks are offered to you this holiday season, ask yourself: would I enjoy this? Is this good for me? How would I feel about it tomorrow? If it’s something you’d rather not consume, be polite but firm in refusing it. If people care about you, they will understand.

What better time to create a new habit than right now?

We hope you have a healthy, happy holiday season and lots of time for self-care. Your next Pick N Dazzle box will be waiting for you in January for a beautiful start to the New Year!

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