How to Make Your Eyes Pop Like Never Before

How to Make Your Eyes Pop Like Never Before

Ever wanted to have large and super attractive eyes? People have always been fascinated with eyes, just look at souvenirs from Greece and Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Eyes are portals, both for the individual to look out into the world, and for other’s to gaze upon their innermost thoughts. We’ll wink at someone when we’re interested or cast a smouldering look. 

So if you want to find out how to make your eyes look bigger, you've picked a worthwhile beauty endeavor. Men are more attracted to a woman's eyes than her cleavage. Studies have shown that wide, bright, white eyes are more attractive to the opposite sex, because they signify youth and health. But if you have small eyes, don't despair. Here at Pick N Dazzle we've found the best tips on how to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. 

Lift and Firm the Eyes

If you want to know how to make your eyes look bigger, you need to start by applying eye cream. This will help smooth, de-puff and prep your skin for a flawless concealer application (just imagine applying foundation without first applying moisturizer -- the result just isn't as flawless). For best results, apply yours before you brushes your teeth to give it plenty of time to soak into your skin before you applies your makeup.

The best technique to apply it is to Squeeze a drop of serum onto your finger and press lightly under the eye from the inner to the outer corner. Apply another small amount, pressing it under your brow. When you reach your arch, lift and blink several times. Then, move the wand up and toward your hairline. Your eye will automatically lift and arch.

Use Concealer to Make Eyes Pop

"Using concealer is a great way to make your eyes stand out," says celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal, who knows a thing or two about how to make your eyes look bigger. For best results, use a yellow-toned concealer, which will brighten your eyes by making under eye circles look virtually nonexistent.

When applying,  pat the product into your skin, don’t rub, so that it penetrates better. Also apply the concealer to the inner dark caves of your eyes and out corners where they tend to appear darker.

Contour Your Eyes (Yes, Seriously)

Highlight your lids with the lightest eyeshadows, then use moderately deep colors on the outer edges of your eyes. A light, shimmery shadow applied to your lid will make your eyes pop, as it will reflect the light

Use Two Shades of Eyeliner

To make your eyes big and wide, usea darker color of liner along your upper lash line and a lighter shade along your lower lash line. You want to get a really thin layer of eyeliner and push it into your lashes -- this thickens their appearance.

Double Up On Your Eyeliner

Sometimes knowing how to make your eyes look bigger requires layering on products. After applying a shadow base you should use the pencil liner and blend the ends. Then take a brown, grey or taupe pencil and smudge some pencil in the outer corners of the eye and into the eye hollow and blend with a brush.

Choose This Color for Your Waterline

Knowing how to make your eyes look bigger also requires choosing the right eyeliner. Waterline your eyes with a cream or white pencil -- think: Lady Gaga in the "Bad Romance" music video, only less extreme -- this will act as an optical illusion, making the whites of your eyes appear bigger while making you seem more awake.  

Break Out Your Lash Curler

Discovering how to make your eyes look bigger becomes a lot easier when you add a lash curler to your beauty tools. If you do a side by side in the mirror with one side curled and the other side not curled, you can easily see what a dramatic difference it makes.

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