How To Get a Look For The NY Fashion Week

How To Get a Look For The NY Fashion Week

It’s the end New York Fashion Week and we’re up for a barrage of new fashions and styles for the upcoming seasons.

But clothes are the only thing that’s new. Here are the reigning trends for make-up and hair:

1. Sexy Lips

Barely there to dark and dramatic…as long as your lips make a statement, it’s in. 

Nude lips look fresh and healthy, but you should focus on finding a color with a slight sheen. If you’re bold and brave, wear a vivid red.

For lasting coverage, blot with a blotting paper or a tissue as it absorbs excess moisture.


2. Glowing Skin

Good skin is always in, but this Fashion Month, it’s even more important. Natural radiance means using as little cover-up as possible.

In other words, drink up those antioxidant smoothies, ladies, because you want all the power-boosts you can get.

Dab concealer on trouble spots first, then pat on foundation with a sponge where needed.

Apply blush on the apples of the cheeks, then slightly up toward the temples. Dust bronzer on the hairline, jawline, and cheeks, and add highlighter on the tops of the cheeks and cheekbones.


3. Roses are Red, Eyeshadow is Blue…

If you try one daring eye color this season, make it peacock blue. It flatters your eyes as blue makes eyes look brighter and it's also a fresh twist on the dark smoky eye. If neutrals are more your speed, pick a bronze or gold shade, and apply it across your lid, adding a bit to the lower lash line.  Classic black liner is still a spring favorite; draw a flirty flick at the ends.


4. Gorgeous Hair

A little piecey-ness instantly makes hair more youthful, says hairstylist Mara Roszak. Start with mousse, and rough-dry for volume, then apply grooming cream for separation. Pull hair back with a deep side part, and finish with a hair oil or a mist.  To go more polished, comb an oil through hair, and tie a low-slung tidy bun, or slide in an eye-catching accessory.

Spring is coming and so is summer right after, and the waves of changing fashion are sure to continue. Don't want to waste your time chasing trends and trying to keep up all the time? Don't worry, create your Beauty Profile now to tell us your preferances and style and head to our shop to subscribe and we'll keep you ahead of the curve.





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