How to do bare legs in winter: a five-point plan

How to do bare legs in winter: a five-point plan

Let’s be honest: everyone knows bare legs beat tights in fashion land. They just look better. But, with the temps not being kind to said legs, and a blue hue possible without some sort of hosiery, we need to figure out how to get the fashion look without also getting hypothermia. Here is a five-point guide.

1. Don’t overexpose

A short skirt and bare legs in December is madness. Avoid this and go for a midi length. Exposing calves only is a trick that fashion editors have long known. Handily, this length is in ​style this season, with culottes and midi skirts both gaining the fashion thumbs up.

2. Wrap up top

Bare legs are doable ​if the rest of you is toasty. Wear with a chunky jumper, scarf and hat. Your outfit might look slightly seasonally contradictory, but since fashion is increasingly avoiding the idea of seasons, you’ll be even more on-trend.

3. Socks are your friend

Another fashion editor fave. Street style photographer catnip often pair socks and sandals, or socks and ankle boots, for a sweetly geeky look. Feel free to hack this idea. You can wear hiking socks (very Prada) to ensure toasty toes and an alpha editor look. Pair with a midi.

4. Go for the sliver

Of course, you don’t have to bare that much leg. The sliver is acceptable too. Skater shoes and slightly short ankle-length trousers flash just enough flesh to get behind the trend, and also keep you from catching your death on a train platform in January.

5. Up your taxi budget

Most celebrities and fashion types can do the bare leg thing because, to be frank, they don’t actually have to spend much time outside. Forget Christmas presents. Spend all your money on cabs and go through a whole winter without donning a pair of tights. We dare you.




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