Do you clean your makeup brushes the right way?

Today we will pay attention to one significant topic for all ladies who enjoy creating art on their faces - hygiene of the beauty arsenal!

Cleaning your brushes and blenders may seem like an easy and simple task, but Pick N Dazzle experts know that's not exactly true. Regular and quality cleaning of your makeup accessories will extend the period of their use and will protect you from unwanted skin irritations.In addition to looking better on your vanity, clean brushes actually perform better. Dirt, oil, and makeup buildup can weigh down brush hairs, making them harder to work with—which can mean streaky foundation and patchy blush down the line. But this is not your biggest problem...

The beauty blenders you use when applying foundation or concealer absorb a large part of the product and after a certain time, become almost unusable. Both they and the brushes retain a lot of bacteria that you "spread" on your faces if you do not clean this beauty arsenal regularly.

There are various sprays and solutions available on the Internet specifically designed for cleaning these indispensable makeup helpers, but this does not mean that you need to invest in expensive products.

Let's start with the more important question - how often should you clean them?

The interval between cleanings depends on how often you use makeup. If you do every day, it is good to clean the brushes and blenders once a week. If you put on makeup less often, cleaning once every two weeks is more than enough. Set a day to indulge in beauty treatments and deal with all brushes and blenders while you wait for your favourite mask to dry out.

How to clean them?

1.Choose a suitable cup (depending on the number of brushes/blenders) and fill it with warm water, add a few drops of liquid soap or your favourite shampoo;

2. Swish your brush around in the cup, and gently work it against the bottom or the side to loosen the makeup;

3. Repeat this procedure with the blenders. You will need more effort with them, as they absorb more makeup;

4. Rinse the brushes and make sure they are clean by running them through a piece of kitchen paper;

5. Allow them to dry on a cotton towel;

6. Enjoy clean brushes!

There are many more options to refresh your beauty tools. You can replace the shampoo with a few drops of olive oil - it is very beneficial for the skin and will soften your brushes wonderfully. Another option - add a few drops of dishwashing detergent and antibacterial soap in warm water; let the brushes soak for 20 minutes. Antibacterial soap fights germs, and dishwashing detergent deeply washes away the greasy texture of some products.

Regular cleaning of your makeup accessories will significantly extend their life, but when is it necessary to replace them with new ones? According to experts, the brushes should be changed only when the actual hairs start to break or fall out, while with beauty blenders, the situation is different - you need to replace them every three months.

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