How to Choose the Best Highlights for You

How to Choose the Best Highlights for You

If You Want Something Low-Maintenance
The first thing to take into consideration, Jason said, is how regularly you’ll return to the salon to maintain your color. ”If she says she’s only going to be in the salon twice a year, then I’m going to be working off of her existing base or using a demi-permanent gloss to make her color richer without lifting or lightening it, something that’ll just gently fade away. All of the highlighting will be farther back from her hairline so that you don’t see any of the new growth coming in, so in theory, you could come back in a month if you wanted to, or you could never get it done again and it will grow out beautifully and naturally with no line of demarcation.”

If You Want to Elongate Your Neck
“If you want to elongate your neck, you can do highlights coming from the nape of the neck through the length of the hair. Those lighter pieces exaggerate and elongate the neck, because the eye goes to the length of those highlights and makes your neck look longer and more graceful.”

If You Have a Round Face
“You might want to keep the highlights a little bit away from your hairline, because the shadow right near your hairline helps to exaggerate narrowness. Placing a highlight there draws attention and can make the face appear rounder.”

If You Have a Square Face
“If you feel like your head shape is too square, you can put your highlights in a diagonal placement with everything sweeping away from your face to help to soften those angles and edges.”

We all know that our happiness with our hair is directly correlated to our quality of life, so consider these tips next time you hit the salon for your most flattering highlights ever.




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