How to Absolutely Moisturize in the Shower

How to Absolutely Moisturize in the Shower

Dry skin in the winter is as common as snowy pictures in your Instagram feed. The way to avoid it is to apply lotion a few minutes after stepping out of the shower, while your skin is still damp — or get your moisture in the shower, in the form of Abellie Acacia Honey Shower Gel, a dry skin game-changer

What you need to do it simply apply the gel to your skin in the shower. You will discover that it feels just like normal shower gel, but it rinses off as easily as bodywash. As this is your ultimate delicious moment of freshness for the shower, you will feel your skin immediately softer and smoother, like a wet seal. After using it a few times, we even opted to skip our normal post-shower moisture routine, because our skin recovered its density and moisture. 

Why this product is soo good? Well, it is formulated with organic acacia honey and organic lemon essential oil. It gently cleanses and moisturizes the body, leaving a delicate lemony spring smell and a light moisturizing film on the skin. Despite cold weather and dry air, when we walk around now, our skin is so soft it feels like we’re permanently wearing a pair of satin pajamas. 

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