Honey - Nature's Gold

Sometimes the most inspiring and reliable source of beauty is nature. This is especially true for people with sensitive skin, special requirements, or the urge to stay close to nature and live a life adhering to its natural rhythms by avoiding the use of artificial, potentially environment harmful ingredients. We, at Pick N Dazzle, are humble fans of nature's super powers and the many natural, and environment-friendly brands we work with reflect that.

Natural beauty can come from the ocean – seaweed; or from the soul – camomile, green tea, herbs; and even from animals – snail slime, snake venom and even nightingale droppings. There's one thing that unites all of nature's life-giving domains, becoming an impersonation of its fundamental harmony: honey.

Honey needs the water in the soul of the flower, the warmth of the sun and the adoring attention of hard working bees to complete this remarkable cycle. It's the child of all of nature's elements and its healing powers have been known since antiquity.

Crane's Archeology of beekeeping (1983) says that honey dates back to 8000 years ago, judging by cave paintings found in Spain. In Egypt, it was known as the food of the Gods and was used for a myriad of ailments, including burns and healing after surgery. And it was famously present in the beauty routines of women from different ancient civilisations.

An article by the New York Journal of  Alternative and Complementary medicine (Bang, et al.2003) talks about the wound-healing powers of honey, promoted by the the presence of hydrogen peroxide traces in it.

Honey contains an antimicrobial peptide and most microorganisms cannot grow in it, which is why sealed honey would not go off even after a 1000 years! The major monosaccharides and minor oligosaccharides that make up honey, give it the ability to retain moisture, which makes it perfect for topical use on the skin.

Honey contains amino acids; traces of vitamin c and vitamins B2 to B6 plus B11; antioxidants, like bee propolis; and minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium and more. 


It has amazing antioxidant, acne-fighting, anti-ageing, hydrating properties and if your skin is sensitive or prone to breakouts and irritations, trusting a honey based product is a sure way to give you all you need and more!

Being true to health and beauty, we have the honour to work with one of the best honey cosmetics in the world - French brand Abellie, who have a fascinating arsenal of natural honey and royal jelly products!

Abellie offer a wide, diverse array of honey-based products. Each one of them is especially adjusted to its target results in order to make it possible for the honey goodness to actively and precisely meet the exact needs of your skin. It is true that honey is a popular ingredient in many cosmetic products, across a variety of cosmetic brands, however Abellie is not like other brands that use honey in their products, Abellie make their own honey! In fact they are the product of a 3rd generation beekeepers!

Honey cosmetics is their 'thing', their specialty! And they make it all from scratch, thus ensuring that the honey used is of highest-quality and that their bees have been well looked after.

Their inspiration, in their own words, is “bees and nature”, which is reflected in their relentless quest to use only natural ingredients that are good to the environment and to the skin. They work with researchers and laboratories extensively in order to ensure the quality of their products.

They are a certified organic cosmetics company and pride themselves on never having used parabens in their products, even before the harmful effects of parabens became known. This is a testimony of their devotion to nature.

Their products span from facial treatments, to body lotions and creams, through soaps and cleansers, and even hair shampoos, conditioners, and lip balms. This fascinating abundance is aimed at the modern-day Cleopatra, so that she can shower and bathe in honey and reap all its remarkable benefits. Gift yourself with the gift of nature, it will be worth it! Go over to the Beauty Profile section and find out more! Stay beautiful!

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