Home-Spa Escape

Home-Spa Escape

The long day is done; you're finally home; you kick your shoes off and sprawl on the couch ready to relax. Then all of a sudden: traffic noise, airplanes taking off every five minutes and the smell of fried onion forcing itself inside your flat from the downstairs neighbour's cooking again!

Well shut the window, whack some Enya on, light a few candles, take a long bath and try these:


Vivian Gray’s Aroma Selection line is focused on the whole bathroom ritual experience! The sets include shower gel, body lotion and liquid soap. They all come in beautiful bottles that will delight you and brighten up your bathroom, becoming part of the décor!

Drop this in whilst filling the bathtub with hot steamy water and watch the perfect bubbles form before submerging you body in the soft foam! The delicate fragrance of lotus and rose will chase all tension away from your body and mind!

Vivian Gray is an avant-garde brand from Berlin, Germany, that offers a variety of skin care products that really stand out with their gentle, soft formulas and timeless look! Their products are now available in over 40 countries and are worth trying! Truly pampering and opulent! 


Spa Energy brings the spirit of the sea into your home to feed your soul and nourish your skin and hair! The entire line is inspired by the health benefits of the marine and embodies its vitality and gentle strength.

This shampoo contains seaweed extracts. Seaweed is full of fatty acids, minerals and proteins. Damaged hair just feasts on these. They help rejuvenate and grow it strong and shiny!

It hydrates the scalp and promotes growth, which ultimately improves the condition of the hair. Seaweed promotes mineralisation of the hairs, thus making them thicker.

It’s almost like washing your hair in the great blue sea with the sound of the waves crashing against desolate rocks in the background! It truly transports you to the seaside! 


This natural soap combines the strengths of two champions in skin care – glycerine and seaweed. Another one of Bulgarian Rose’s Spa Energy gems, inspired by the sea, this soap is packed with seaweed extracts.

Seaweed is rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other essential substances that moisturise, repair and calm the skin. An added benefit is that seaweed has been famed for its anti-ageing effects on the skin.

Glycerine has been part of countless scientific studies that have successfully proved its indispensible skin benefits! It has intense moisturising powers and is perfect for dry, prone to irritation skin.  

It is so good at hydrating and calming problematic skin that it is often used as part of skin conditions treatments.

This beautifully fragrant soap is free of any parabens or animal products and it intensely hydrates the skin, making it soft and smooth like the best spa treatment would!


Vivian Gray’s products are real pieces of cosmetic jewellery! The brand is devoted to making women feel like queens by providing them with high-quality care delivered in innovative, truly stunning packaging. Their products are gentle to the skin and avoid using irritants in their formulas.

This lotion is an excellent way to spoil your body after a relaxing bath or a hot shower. It embodies femininity and elegance and it is infused with the sensual notes of vanilla, jasmine, orange blossom and rose!

The feeling of its soft consistency on your skin, the enticing fragrance and luxuriously packaging will make you feel like royalty! This is the perfect finish to a relaxing spa time at home.

How’s that for de-stressing and rejuvenating? Do you now hear the sounds of crickets and birds outside in the warm summer dusk; the rustling leaves on the trees as the breeze gently strokes them?

Your body is relaxing and releasing the stress of the day's work and the piled on tiredness of summer-time rendezvous. Now slowly and idly take yourself to our Beauty Profile page, subscribe and allow us to do even more fore you!



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