Heal Your Scars: the wonder of essential oils

Heal Your Scars: the wonder of essential oils

Sometimes accidents and misfortune happens and you get the occasional scar. However, there’s no need to keep them forever. Thanks to oils that can help heal your skin, you can heal most of your scars to some extent.

Now of course, we should preface this with a small disclaimer: the earlier you do something about your scars, the better it will work. If you’ve had a scar for years and years or if it’s very deep, these methods will lighten it up, but maybe not get rid of it entirely.

Wash and Exfoliate

You should start with cleaning the skin you want to treat and then use an exfoliator to help clear away the dirt and the dead cells from on top of your skin. The fewer barriers between you and the skin you want to treat, the better.

Use Kueshi’s Silk Scrub and use the tips of your fingers. If the scar you’re working on isn’t on your face, you can use our exfoliating body soap. Remember, if the scar you’re concerned about is on your face, be a little more gentle because facial skin a lot more sensitive and prone to damage than the skin on the rest of your body.

Ever wondered why? Well, simply put, your face is always exposed. Harsh wind, the sunlight, all the times you lean on your hands while you’re reading articles on the computer: in other words, it accumulates a lot more damage than the skin on your arms or your back. Furthermore, the skin cells on your face are simply smaller than your other ones: which means more stuff can seep in and cause damage and it can wrinkle and scar more easily.  

So be gentle! Not getting a scar is easier than trying to remove it.

Master Oils: Rose Hip and Argan

If you want to get anywhere with healing your skin, you’re going to need some of the most powerful antioxidant vitamins out there: vitamin C and vitamin E.

Unless you’ve already heard that you shouldn’t expose scarred or damaged skin to sunlight, that scar of yours has probably darkened a little bit. As such, Vitamin C, which reduces sun damage and hyper pigmentation is on your side.

Rose hips have a lot of natural vitamin C which your body can easily absorb and utilise. In studies, Rose hip oil has shown marked improvement even in scars that were over 20 years old. That’s some powerful stuff!

You could also use the SCAR REDUCING OIL ROSA MOSQUETA by L'Action. It is coming in a compact packaging, very suitable to bring with yourself while travelling or in the personal bag.

Next, it’s time to feed your skin. Vitamin E is one of the best vitamins for skin as it improves skin texture and restores its radiance. Argan Oil is especially rich in Vitamin E, as well as some other essential fatty acids which can also help heal your skin and make that scar disappear.

The longer you use these oils, the better they will work, so be diligent and patient, and eventually you’ll completely forget about that scar.

A word to the wise, don’t forget the SPF! As we’ve said before, the sun can damage your skin, so you should keep your scar covered. Use clothing, hats, SPF, and make-up, but just make sure that your scar doesn’t see the light of day for a while. Otherwise all that hard work you’re doing is just going to go for naught, and things might get even worse than initially, because the sun can darken your scar and make it more visible.

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