Hair Dos and Don'ts for Your 30s

Hair Dos and Don'ts for Your 30s

Your 30s can be weird. You've grown out of those wild, try anything, up all night times of your 20s (you have, right?), but you're not quite ready to sit at home with a PBS special and a mug of chamomile tea. What you're really after is something in the middle -- a fun evening with friends with a dash of adventure, but without the mysterious "bar bruises" and a wicked hangover. 

It's the same thing with your hair. In your 30s you need a hairstyle you can still have some fun with, but you can't get away with some of the, uh, experimental styles you had in your 20s. 

Don't: Get a "mom" cut

True, you might actually be a mom now that you're in your 30s, but that doesn't mean you need to look the part. You've got plenty of time to go short, and at this stage in your life a cut like Selma Blair or Ginnifer Goodwin's can make you look older. 

Do: Try a longer cut

Ultimately your haircut is dependent on your face shape, so women with longer faces will want to keep their hair shorter. But the rest of us should feel free to wear longer hairstyles (while we still can). Fowler says to aim for a longer, versatile cut in your 30s, one you can wear curly, straight, up, down, whatever (long layers like Sarah Michelle Gellar's and Kate Hudson's are a great option). This gives a more youthful vibe and still lets you play with your hair without drastic measures like a Mohawk or neon-pink hair color. Speaking of which ... 

Don't: Go crazy with your hair color

"Your 30s are a turning point," says Fowler. "You're not a baby, but you're not super mature either. It's time to start thinking about enhancing your natural beauty." In case you haven't noticed, blue is not exactly a hair color found in nature. (I'm talking to you Juliette Lewis.) 

Crazy colors and extreme changes, like going from black to platinum blonde, can look cheap, says Fowler. Cheap is OK when you're 20, not so much when you're 30. 

Do: Go for natural color

Fear not, you can still color your hair. You just "need to match your skin tone," Fowler says. Take Christina Hendricks. She's naturally blonde, but this red shade totally works with her skin and warms up her face. And on the flip side, Liv Tyler shows that staying within your natural shade can be gorgeous.

Another reason to keep it natural: As you get older, your skin can look tired. A natural shade that works with your skin can make it look fresh and awake, Fowler says. Extreme shades will just make dull, tired skin look worse. 

Don't: Be so serious

Severe librarian buns are hard to pull off. When you're 20, it's cool to follow a trend like this, regardless of whether it's flattering. But when you're 30, it's all about looking your best -- trends be damned. Be honest, don't Fergie and Jessica Alba look way older than they actually are in these hairstyles? 

Plus, pulling all of your hair back can make you look older, both because it's so severe andbecause all those fine lines you're starting to get (or are in denial you're getting) are on display. But there's no reason to be afraid of the updo. Here's the solution ... 

Do: Frame your face

Fowler says that face-framing updos like Zoe Saldana and Diane Kruger's soften fine lines and are way more age-appropriate than slicked-back buns. She suggests using your fingers instead of a brush to pull back your hair whenever you put it up. This way it'll end up a little messier (in a good way) and less severe. 




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