Ground Force, Simply Male, Utterly Powerful!

Ground Force, Simply Male, Utterly Powerful!

Ground Force is the ultimate male fragrance: strong, woody, spicy and full of potential! It combines the notes of spice, earth and fruit to capture the nature of masculine energy and emphasise its drive to create.

The multi-layered nuances of the fragrance bring out the essential elements that define masculine energy: the ability to produce; the urge to control and organise; the power to observe; the drive to provide, give, deliver; the spirit to strive and achieve; the affinity to act, to move things forwards, to make progress and the deeply seeded instinct to protect!

Ground Force is cologne inspired by men and made for men; it is a fragrant ode to masculinity and any man would benefit from its potency.

Ground Force’s layers are made of contrasting aromas to honour the vastness of the male nature. Your immediate impression will be of a dark citrusy sweetness, owed to the presence of grapefruit, orange and earth minerals.

Once the drydown begins, a cocktail of pepper and germanium leaves in the heart and patchouli, cedar and vetiver in the base will welcome you into a glowing darkness!

The top layer relies on the succulent sour notes of grapefruit and orange, balanced by the deep soil-like notes of earth minerals. The citrus notes instantly captivate by teasing our sense of smell with pleasure.

Their tartness instils a feeling of clean elegance, clears the mind and energises and uplifts! The heart of Ground Force is made of pepper and geranium 

leaves, a combination that creates mystery with its peppery-rose aroma.

The geranium leaves are strongly reminiscent of rose with notes of lemon – a kind of masculine flower bouquet, intensified by the hot earthiness of pepper. 

The concoction settles into a deep, musky bed of patchouli, cedar and vetiver. The potion is strongly reminiscent of the natural scents of the earth and draws a strong association between the pure, organic character of Mother Earth and the quintessence of the male, stripped and authentic.

Patchouli has a candied woodiness with notes of soil and flawlessly complements the bracing woody notes of cedar. Cedar’s liveliness emphasises the invigorating force of life within the base layer of Ground Force.

Vetiver’s unique mixture of notes is hypnotising: imagine a forest with coco trees exuding the aroma of bitter chocolate that gently blends with the smell of chimney smoke coming from a distant cottage and subtle notes of musty wood, dried out after rain.

Ground Force inspires you to be yourself, simply a man: an embodiment of the universe’s ability to manifest; to build and create; to transform, grow and prosper! Its intoxicating fragrance will enhance your magnetism and emphasise your charming male energy!

Reconnect to your roots with Ground Force

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