Grape seed, which is used in a range of organic skin care and beauty products, helps limit ultra violet (UV) radiation damage caused by the sun, according to a study from New Zealand. AgResearch found that the extract from grape seeds left over from the wine-making process works as an effective organic sunscreen.

The researchers looked at the oxidative damage of the sun to food and fibre proteins, in particular assessing the UV effect in wool keratins and meat collagens. It was noted that damage at molecular level was reduced or lessened when the grape seed extract was applied.

"We were surprised by how effective grape seed extracts are at combating protein damage from UV rays on skin. A protective effect was observed right down at the protein level, with mitigation of oxidative damage," said AgResearch senior scientist Dr Jolon Dyer. He added that the discovery could be of huge benefit as concerns around UV rays increase.

Grape seed is often used in sin care care and make-up products, from Antioxidant Face Cream to foundations and concealers.

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