FRUDIA - the fruity miracle brand!

FRUDIA - the fruity miracle brand!

There is nearly one month left until the astronomical spring. Well, snowy days are still here and winter is not in a hurry, but that will change. It is hard for me to believe that there may be someone who does not adore spring and all its elegance ... Nature is blooming, alleys are full of colorful carpets of flowers, and daily walks become more and more pleasant!

Inspired by the upcoming spring, Pick N Dazzle experts have prepared another fresh surprise for you - meet FRUDIA, our new brand!

FRUDIA is the result of 30 years of dedicated research by Frudia Research Lab looking for a better way to treat our skin. Plants and fruits provide a rich repository of nutrients and antioxidants that naturally protect and beautify. FRUDIA captures these nutrients into a product that similarly protects your skin and gives a natural glow.

FRUDIA was born in Korea with a single goal - to revitalize and energize your skin in the most natural way!

While studying the benefits of fruits, the founder of FRUDIA also became acquainted with their health properties discovered during the process. The discovery marked the beginning of many years of research focusing on antioxidants and energy derived from fruits. The goal ?! To create a final product that makes your skin as delicate and vibrant as the fruits themselves. Thus, today on the market there are already 4 different series of the brand - grapes, pomegranate, citrus, and blueberry.

Pick N Dazzle is more than pleased to present you two of them, plus some very special favorite products!


This series contains an extract of an exotic type of Korean citrus, which is rich in vitamin C. It has strong antibacterial properties and skillfully neutralizes toxins, microbes, and bacteria, strengthening the natural immunity of cells. 

Thus, the skin becomes more resistant to external aggressors and is protected from inflammation and irritation. Last but not least, the product easily evens out the complexion, brightens and tones the skin, increasing its natural glow.

Citrus series successfully:

• Vitalizes and brightens

• Hydrates

• Smoothes

• Enriches with vitamins and improves elasticity


The series is enriched with 63% pomegranate extract, with added tomato seeds and other fruits, whose main purpose is to provide complete hydration to all skin types. The products successfully maintain the optimal hydro-lipid balance and make the skin elastic, young, soft, and smooth. The strong antibacterial properties of pomegranate fight microbes, toxins, and bacteria and prevent inflammation and irritation, so the product is also suitable for sensitive and intolerant skin.

Pomegranate series successfully:

• reduces wrinkles

• helps retain moisture in the skin

• effective anti-aging agent

Are you in love already? Hold on...

You will love this little treasure!

To help you take care of your lips, the brand has created a lip balm with blueberries and honey. It contains interesting and proven effective ingredients that will provide you with perfect care. Honey and blueberry extracts skillfully hydrate and nourish the skin of the lips. They strengthen the natural immunity of cells and protect against irritation and inflammation. The added vegan collagen smoothes and softens the lips, creating a lifting effect. Another advantage of the lip balm is its delicate texture, which does not leave greasy or sticky traces, but only the sweet aroma of blueberries.

So, have you already chosen your favorite FRUDIA product?

Add it to your next box or trust our experts - the result is proven and expectations exceeded!



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