Fresh Start Every Morning

Fresh Start Every Morning

Well, let’s face it — we are busy women and we just can’t afford to typically wash and dry our hair every morning. All that waiting, heating, and styling is so tiresome sometimes! Which is why we don't know what we ever did before the invention of dry shampoos. For us, this is the absolute game changer. 

Dry shampoos are busy ladies's miracle product—not only will they let you go an extra day without washing your hair, it also gives you tons of gorgeous volume and it makes your strands smell awesome. Next time you want to spend a little more, ahem, time in bed, skip the suds and reach for one of these.

Typically, dry shampoos come in spray or powder form, and not only soak up oil, they also clean hair, water-free, and leave you smelling fresh. At least, that's what the good dry shampoos do. Not all dry shampoos are created equal. Therefore, in this roundup we included the very best dry shampoos you need to work into your routine. They will forever simplify your life, trust us! 

Our new dry shampoos So…? will breath life into your limp locks and let you skip the shower and stay fresh. They offer an instant fix by revitalizing greasy, dull hair and thickening thin fly-away hair.

To simply spray it on and comb it out, sign up for our beauty service and we will handpick the right dry shampoo for your hair. 



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