Fast. Convenient. Beauty On The Go.

Fast. Convenient. Beauty On The Go.

Beauty on the go is a relatively new trend in the cosmetics world designed for customers to answer the growing need of not only effective but also convenient and easy to use cosmetic products. Beauty on the go cosmetics will make you look gorgeous and photo-ready, even when you're travelling. Let’s see how that happens. 

When you're travelling, whether for work or pleasure, keeping up with your regular beauty routine can be a challenge: after all you're pressed for time and don't have the luxury of lugging your precious beauty cabinet around. The result: tired-looking skin, messy hair and a camera-unfriendly face! But you needn't compromise on looking beautiful. 

Here come beauty on the go cosmetics. Those products are teeny travel perfect bottles that you can carry with you everywhere. They’ve got you covered so that you don’t leave anything essential behind. It also means however, that you don’t have to pack bags that look big enough for two people — filled to the brim with full-size bottles and sprays. Sound that beauty on the go cosmetics are the ultimate saving grace, aren't they?

There’s one general rule about that kind of makeup and beauty products. The answer must be "yes" to the question, "can you put it on in an 

airplane bathroom?" Passing that test, a product is permanently welcomed into you arsenal. However, even when you're not traveling, you will appreciate beauty products that are efficient, multipurpose and easy to use as well. For example, the convenient beauty on the go makeup is perfect for throwing in your purse or bag for grab-and-go ease when you're headed to class, the office or anywhere in between! It is ideal for creating multiple looks for any occasion so you can be your own makeup artist and always look beautiful wherever you go.

So if you’re a really busy woman (yes, we know you are!) and you need an everyday makeup that’s quicker and easier to apply than saying “Hello, gorgeous!”, we’ve got you covered! Pick N Dazzle’s beauty arsenal includes exactly that kind of products like Teeez and L’Action so you can shine beautiful whenever, whenever and always bring some beauty on the go with you for a little touch-up. If you want to get those beauty goodies right to your door every month with up to 20% discount, simply create your Beauty Profile now and we will do the rest. You could also see our brand new Teeez social video and get to know more about beauty on the go cosmetics.



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