Everything You Need To Know About At-Home Eyelash Tinting

Everything You Need To Know About At-Home Eyelash Tinting

What You’ll Need:

• Henna powder
• Water
• Petroleum jelly
• Cotton pads or paper towels
• A clean mascara wand

Step 1: Mix

In a small container, combine the henna powder and a small amount of water, and mix until you’ve reached a paste consistency. You don’t want the mixture too watery because it will drip.

Step 2: Prep

Make sure your eyelashes are clean and dry with no mascara or makeup remover residue. Apply a layer of petroleum jelly to the skin around the eyes to protect it from stray dye. For extra insurance against stains, you can place strips of paper towel underneath your eyes (they’ll stick to your skin thanks to the petroleum jelly).

Step 3: Apply

Dip your clean mascara wand into the color and roll it around to ensure the bristles are evenly 


coated. Then, start applying the tint to your lashes as if you were putting on mascara. Start with the lower lashes to avoid smearing the tint on the upper lashes. And remember to dot the very tips, which are always the lightest.

Step 4: Wait

Let your lashes "process" for 10 minutes.

Step 5: Remove

Head to the sink and use wet cotton pads to gently wipe off your lashes. Note: it may get a tad messy. You’ll need a few passes with the cotton pads, and a quick rinse will help get the last bits.

Brow Bonus: whether you create your own tint or buy it from the drugstore, the color can be used to darken your eyebrows too.

Source: www.byrdie.com

Would you try tinting your lashes at home? Let us know in the comments!

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