Easy & Fast Halloween Make Up Looks

Easy & Fast Halloween Make Up Looks

Halloween is approaching fast and you need a fresh idea for your costume that will not cost an arm and a leg. We have the answer right here, get inspired from these 3 easy & fast ideas.

1. Half skeleton

Skeletons are a classical choice when it comes to Halloween, but you can add a twist to it by painting only half of your face or even mixing it up with something else.

For this look you only need 3 items: black eyeliner (we recommend Teeez Cloud Nine Eyeliner in Black Velvet because it has a thin brush for precise application and can last through a whole lot of Halloween partying), red lipstick (Desert Lush Sheer Lipstick in Ruby Red is the perfect choice) and white eyeshadow (Miss Cop Color Trio in 01 Ardoise has a really pigmented white shade that you can easily use for this look).

When you have the items ready, just trace the outline you wish on your face using the eyeliner, then fill in the gaps in black and complete the rest with white eyeshadow and a red lip. Everybody will be stunned!

2. Dia de Los Muertos

This is an easy, but eye-catching Halloween costume that doesn't need a lot of effort to achieve. Using the same 3 products from above, cover your face in white eyeshadow (pack it on with extra layers if needed), use the eyeliner for the flowers around the eyes, the mouth outline and the nose and, finally, add a bit of red lipstick around the edges of the black liner for a pop of colour.

We guarantee everybody will ask about your hidden talent.

3. The creepy bunny

Use the lightest foundation shade you can find and top it off with some translucent powder for better staying power.

Next, use Teeez Mysterious Crystal Eyeliner in Onyx Black to draw on the bunny's whiskers and nose.

Then, using the same black pencil applied with the tips of your finger, smoke it out underneath your eyes for that haunted, creepy look and add a bit of Spectrum of Stars Eyeshadow in Magical Fuchsia on the outer edges.

Fluff up your hair and voila, you're done!

Did you like our suggestions?

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