D'Oh! You Got a Sunburn. Now What?

D'Oh! You Got a Sunburn. Now What?

Get out of the heat.
As soon as you notice the burn, the first thing to do is get out of the heat. It seems obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people don't do that. Immediately, get to a cooler place and take a cool bath if you can to cool the skin so it stops burning.

Pop a pill.
Take aspirin or Motrin because those are anti-inflammatory.

Make sure it's not sun poisoning.
Check your vital signs: If you have a headache, if you're dizzy, or if you have a high or low body temperature, you could have sun poisoning. Go to the emergency room right away.

Take a milk-and-honey bath.
Mix whole milk and honey into your bath water. Honey is an antiseptic, and the milk fat and proteins are soothing and anti-inflammatory.

Moisturize the bejesus out of it.
The skin that's going to peel is going to peel. You can't make it not peel. But you can make the peel

less noticeable by using a LOT of moisturizer. The more you use, the less uncomfortable the peeling is going to be. Store your moisturizer in the fridge, or if you keep it by your bedside, put it in a glass or bowl of ice water overnight, so it's cool when you apply it.

Don't exfoliate for about a week.
It takes the skin cells about a week to turn over, so you should wait that long before you gently exfoliate. Not that you can even think about that yet. Ouch.

Stick with that routine.
The first few days should be about reducing the inflammation, and after that, you just need hydration. It depends on how bad the burn is, but if it's bad enough that it's blistering, you need to stick with this routine for at least a week.

Source: www.allure.com



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