Desinvolte, Another Little Gift from Paris

Desinvolte, Another Little Gift from Paris

A late summer evening, warm southern breeze sweeping across flower fields and citrus gardens, fusing their gentle aromas together into drops of Desinvolte.

A chic mixture of energetic, lively summer scents and warm, delicate autumn notes, Desinvolte is a bouquet of deceptively incompatible fragrances “settling their differences” and transforming them into a subtle blend of elegance.

The very top of this composition is a tribute to summer in its bloom, sparkling and never-ending! It is transporting and bewitching and it’s just one spray away!

This beautiful cloud of refreshing bergamot, lemon and mandarin will inject you with vitality and zest!

Bergamot is considered one of the best citrus notes used in perfumes today because of its rich complex bitter, floral nuances. Lemon and orange are infused with the energy of the sun and give a sense of unbridled buoyancy and boundless possibilities, driven by their adventurous spirit.

Underneath the citrus notes we find a floral enchantment concocted with a bouquet of jasmine, tuberose and orange blossom. The sweet fruitiness of jasmine notes is like a veiled memory of a sunset on a late august day and it is perfectly complemented by notes of orange blossoms.

The presence of tuberose adds an intriguing edge to the overall fragrance owing to the flower’s dark bitter notes lurking in the midst of its creamy white floral sweetness. 

It is this mysterious hint of darkness that welcomes the perfume’s bed of warm, sensual musky notes where we find a fusion of ginger, ylang-ylang, cedar, amber, vanilla and cinnamon. It is an essence reminiscent of autumn that will soothingly remain on your skin when the upper two layers have dried down.

Ginger’s exotic spicy scent perfectly accompanies the citrus and vanilla notes creating a luxurious accord. The intoxicating redolence of ylang-ylang offers a charge of sensual mystique attesting to its reputation as an aphrodisiac. The dry, woody notes of cedar make the lighter floral notes in the middle stand out and instil a subtle feeling of earthy comfort, well-accompanied by the rich resinous scent of amber and the intoxicating allure of vanilla and cinnamon.

Desinvolte is an infusion encapsulating the late days of summer and early days of autumn in a subtle, feminine way that will give you the power to hypnotise and revitalise anyone you pass by.

Desinvolte is a light, fine scent that captures the playfulness of summer and welcomes the tranquillity of autumn without letting you lose your frisky spirit! It is casual yet hunting, delicate yet powerful.

It posses the stability and grace of a woman and the vigour and free-spiritedness of a girl.

Made in France by GP Paris, Desinvolte is yet another little gift from Paris to the world, full of grace and style that will suit any woman, anywhere in the world. 



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