Change Your Color, Change Your Mood: A Chakra-Inspired Beauty Guide

Change Your Color, Change Your Mood: A Chakra-Inspired Beauty Guide

Your favorite makeup shades might actually help keep you healthy and balanced, and changing up your look just might influence your mood and energy level. Use our chakra-inspired guide to discover shades that might be right for you. Even if you’re skeptical, you can just use it as an excuse to expand your kit with some fresh shades.

Red: Power

The root chakra, located at the tailbone and perineum, corresponds to red. The color represents well-being, power, and stability, and wearing red is thought to increase energy and passion, as well as personal acceptance.

Try: a red lip or a traffic-stopping polish. 

When: you’re in need of a confidence boost. 

Orange: Creativity

This optimistic color inspires imagination and creative energy. Put on some orange, and it just might help you stop procrastinating and spark motivation. It’s also thought to heighten one’s sex drive, as this chakra is located in the pelvic region.

Try: a flush of orange on cheeks or lips.

When: you’re feeling antsy about a big project (or big date). 

Yellow: Clarity

This sunny color promotes clarity and instinct. It’s the color you want when you just need to trust your gut—that’s where this chakra is located.

Try: a pop of yellow on eyes or a canary-hued mani. 

When: you’re groggy or indecisive about any decision, big or small.

Green: Balance

While red is often thought of as the color of love, in chakra theory, green is the ruler of all mushy thoughts. Holding down the fort as the heart chakra, green is a harmonizing color that can make you feel relaxed and in balance with those around you.

Try: green on fingertips, lips, or eyes.

When: you want to shoot a friendly gaze to everyone you meet.




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