Chanel Makes a Case for Wearing Bold Makeup With Glasses

Chanel Makes a Case for Wearing Bold Makeup With Glasses

Makeup artist Nick Barose helped us break down the look and how to make it work IRL.

"What made this look work was that it had a psychedelic feel to it; both the frames and the shadow are a bit retro," says Barose. "The glasses are big and round, which makes it more fun." Here's what Barose recommends keeping in mind if you're going to attempt to re-create this look (or a more subdued version of it).

Blend, blend, blend. "The key is that there aren't any harsh lines. You're using strong colors, but because they're so blended, they look almost like watercolors. There are no strong, hard blocks of color or hard edges, so it looks more effortless."

Choose a shimmery powder formula. "Look for a product that is shimmery but not too frosty, and apply it with a sponge-tip applicator by smudging it along the lash line. Then you can go over it with an eye-shadow brush to blend and use a Q-tip to diffuse the edges."

Use eyeliner, but not a lot of it. "You don't want the liner to be too strong, because it takes away from the watercolor effect. But you want to define the eye, especially because you're wearing glasses. So do a really thin, discreet line with a brown liquid liner. Black would be too much."

Use the right mascara. "To balance the dramatic color but avoid overloading the look with too 

much mascara, I would use a lengthening formula as opposed to a volumizing one. If you load on too much mascara with blue or green shadow, you could end up looking like Mimi from The Drew Carey show."

As for the rest of your face? Embrace the no-makeup makeup trend. "Go easy on lip color and blush, so it's all about the eyes. If you do too much to the rest of your face, it can start to look dated."

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