Blue Lily - The People Behind the Brand

Blue Lily is a brand that offers natural premium cosmetic products made in Romania, which offer a unique and very pleasant experience when used.

The Blue Lily product range contains cosmetic and care products made from organic coconut oil.

We had the pleasure to meet the founders of Blue Lily, Liliana Stefan and Claudiu Neagoe!

How come they decided to start an own business and more, in the interview below.

1. How did you decide to start a cosmetics brand?

Blue Lily represents a restart on all levels, personal and professional.

Being passionate about finding beauty solutions and treatments, different from the ones on the market, we created something that helps our true natural beauty. In order to take care of ourselves, of the beauty we own.

2. Where does your passion for organic ingredients come from?

We discovered the power of natural elements on our health, body and mind, and decided to use them as a real help.

The unique formula of Blue Lily products contains the necessary natural ingredients that boost immediately the health of our hair and skin. Just by the simple use within our daily routine.

No complicated rituals, no extra time needed.

Blue Lily products contain 95% natural ingredients: organic coconut, macadamia, olive and castor oils, shea/cocoa/avocado butter, bio keratin.

The main ingredient, the coconut oil, has ECOCERT certification. ECOCERT is the leader of evaluation bodies for natural and ecological cosmetics.

And, the most appealing thing is that they are absorbed instantly by our skin and do not leave it oily.

The skin is perfumed and naturally taken care of, so you can continue your daily activity.

3. How did you discover the positive sides of coconut oil?

At first, by discovering its healing power on damaged hair – as an advice from a professional hairstylist.

In time, we were delighted to find all its benefits on health and beauty: it treats all major problems for all the hair&skin types.

It moisturizes the dry skin or hair and reduces the sebum for oily complexions, because the coconut oil balances the oil level.

It’s a solution for skin ageing, spots, damaged hair, 


wrinkles, rashes and acts like a complex protection system. 

Full of minerals and vitamins, rich in manganese, copper and selenium, contains saturated fats, lauric acid and Vitamin E and is highly appreciated for its emollient, hydrating, antioxidant and firming qualities.

Our Blue Lily unique formula emphasizes its power and makes it easy to use, a real partner for our everyday beauty.

4. Why is so important to use natural products?

Natural solutions for our health and beauty problems are powerful, healing and friendly to our body.

Sometimes lack of time makes them difficult to use; fortunately natural cosmetics helps by integrating them into easy to use and efficient solutions.

5. What is your personal daily beauty regimen?

In the morning we wash our body with the Blue Lily shower gel that offers the freshness you need to wake up smiling every day.

Then, we apply The Blue Lily body butter that helps hydrate and regenerate the skin and prevents skin ageing, helps fade stretch marks and cellulite.

We keep our hair healthy with shampoo and mask made of organic coconut oil, bio-keratin and vegetable glycerin that hydrates the hair and gives it an intense glow, nourishing it completely.

Also, because it gets "dirty" overnight, we clean our skin with a moisturizing fast-absorbed Blue Lily cleansing milk.

Then, we put on a face cream that nourishes and leaves the skin well-maintained, always hydrated, soft and with fewer wrinkles.

It is quickly absorbed by the skin.

In the evening, it’s very relaxing to repeat some of the actions above, as the case may be.

6. What kind of ingredients are most important for healthy hair and skin?

First of all, oils (coconut, olive, avocado, macadamia) because they are emollient, antibacterial and they add shine, softness and resilience to the body.

Then, high-quality antioxidants: they prevent harmful free-radical damage that contributes to skin ageing.

Also, vitamins (C, E, A, K, and B complex) are essential for the health of our hair and skin.

And, most of all, trusting your natural beauty and your inner happiness.

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