Blue Lily — Organic & Cool

Blue Lily is a brand focused on organic and healthy beauty products, rich in coconut oil. They believe in the endless positive qualities of the usage of organic coconut oil and have developed a rich range of beauty products.

Today we present you a list of five must-have beauty products for both skin and hair. The organic coconut oil used in these products comes from organic framing and is certified by ECOCERT.

Blue Lily Cleansing Milk is the very first step in a good beauty routine. Thanks to the coconut oil, it deeply cleanses the skin in a natural and extremely effective way.

Gently removes make-up and gives a fresh look of the skin. Because well moisturized and luminous skin is obtained by the right make-up removal and a natural, effective touch! Blue Lily Cleansing Мilk also fades age-related imprefections and has a good antibacterial effect that makes it suitable for skin, prone to acne.

It has a non-greasy texture and can be easily used in the sensitive area of both eyes and lips. Just apply on a cotton dish and wipe off gently! Let the natural ingredients, including shea butter and olive oil, do the magic trick!

Blue Lily Shower Gel is yout daily doze of freshness. With a sweet coconut flavor and a light texture, this shower gel cleanses and softens the skin like no other.

The best partner for a subtle massage! Blue Lily Shower Gel is also an excellent moisturizer and is paraben-free.


We strongly recommend using it along with Blue Lily Shea Butter for an even deeper hydration. Having a shower has never been so pleasant!

Blue Lily Body Butter is a product rich in coconut oil and shea butter. It’s perfectly absorbed by the skin and is also an excellent nourisher.

A gift that your skin deserves, especially after bathing. Give yourself a little time for relax and dive into the world of softness. Blue Lily Body Butter is what your skin needs — a unique and luxurious sensation.

What’s more, the smell of coconut oil will be your companion during the whole day. Just another day in paradise!

Blue Lily Hair Mask is suitable for all hair types.

A real helper when it comes to dry and damaged hair. The organic coconut oil has a regenerating effect that helps recovering both strenght and briliiance of our hair.

The mask is applied after shampooing, on wet hair. Leave it for 5 minutes, then rinse-off abundantly.

Ever dreaming of a home SPA? Blue Lily Hair Mask will take you there! 

Blue Lily Face Cream has a soft, subtle flavor and lovely absorbing qualities. It deeply nourishes our skin and has a very light texture.

It comes along in a great mix of organic coconut oil, olives, macadamia and SPF 15 sun protection. Apply in the morning, preferebly before exposure to sunlight, and in the evening, on both face and neckline.

For a great smoothing feeling and a lovely beauty experience. Because your skin deserves attention and care.

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