Beauty Advice: Best Makeup for Your 30s

Beauty Advice: Best Makeup for Your 30s

Get Even
Ghosts of spring breaks past start to surface in your thirties, often in the form of dark splotches. To even your skin tone, makeup artist Laura Geller suggests using a full-coverage foundation in a shade that matches the dark spots. Apply the makeup to your entire face, but use a light touch on your jawline and chin area so you can blend the color easily into your neck. (Sponges work best for eradicating that line of demarcation.) The final step: Dust on a translucent powder. Heavier coverage requires setting for longevity, Geller says.

Create Structural Support
Even the best-protected skin starts to lose elasticity and firmness during this decade because collagen and elastin production start to slow down. The result: Your features can start to sag. Your best (nonsurgical) bet is to use bronzer as a contouring aid. Sweep a light to medium shade (depending on your skin color) under the full length of each cheekbone. "This lifts and defines your face," says makeup artist Kimara Ahnert. You can also brush some along your jawline, hairline, and sides of the nose. 

Perk Up Your Eyes
The thirties are your overextended decade. A more demanding job, mortgage payments, and perhaps a baby (or three) can do a real number on your face, especially your eye area.

"In an attempt to mask exhaustion, women in their thirties tend to overcompensate with a too-light concealer that shines a big spotlight on dark circles instead of hiding them," Ahnert says. Choose a color that matches your foundation, and if you have minimal discoloration or dry skin, Ahnert recommends a liquid concealer in pen or wand form, such as Victoria's Secret Fluid Concealer, $12, Start at the inner corner of your eye and dab dots under your bottom lash line until you hit the middle; pat gently with your finger to blend. A dab of eye gel to the area will nudge stubborn concealer along.

Open the Eye
To open the eye area and look more alert and refreshed, highlight your brow bones with a champagne hue for light skin tones, or a bronze shade for darker skin tones. 

Color Cautiously
Starting to see—and freak out about—your first grays? Fortunately, "temporary color, which washes out in about 28 shampoos, is all you need if your hair is less than 50 percent gray," says Nicole Riedell, a colorist at the Oscar Blandi Salon in New York City. Go no more than one shade deeper or richer than your natural color. 




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