Beach Make Up

Beach Make Up

Do you know what’s really odd - I’m sure you’ve come across it many times, perhaps even been the victim of it - the full on make up appearance on a hot, sweaty day at the beach.

Now, even if you’re lucky enough for it to all stay in place - and if you are please tell me where that fountain is cause I’d like to throw in a few coins myself – it would just look plain weird!

Of course, if you, like a lot of women out there, have your own slight insecurities that make you feel like going out without make up is the equivalent of going out naked after a month of no exercise and binge eating, perhaps you should try something in the middle.

You don’t have to go cold turkey! Here are a few great suggestions on how to wear make up without appearing to be wearing any!

First and foremost: prepare the skin. It’s very important that you have a healthy, nurtured base to work with. So using a good cleanser with a slight scrubbing effect - a great way to freshen up the skin.

Follow up with your moisturiser and wait for it to be absorbed before you move on to the next stage. The pores are more likely to get clogged in the summer, so you have to take extra care with the products that you use; go for light non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic formulas.


Start with primer. Primer is a great way to prepare the skin for make up. It not only ensures your make up will stay in place, but it also fights imperfections and reduces the visibility of pores, lines and wrinkles.

Fix % Protect also shields your skin from pollution, stress and damaging UV rays. It’s got a SPF 25, which makes it perfect for the season.

Primer is important, so don’t skip it; but what is even more important is finding the right primer, and you’ve got a pretty good shot with Fix & Protect!


Full-blown foundation is a no-no. It’s way too heavy for a day at the beach and quite likely to irritate your skin.

A good BB cream like RIMMEL’S 9 in 1 will provide your skin with the cover that you need to hide the little imperfections you don’t want the world to see.

It illuminates the skin and it has a light liquid texture, which is what you want on a sweaty day. Avoid powders of any kind!

It is perfect for the beach as it has SPF 25 and a lightweight texture that moisturises and brightens the skin. It also has a matte effect; so if you’re a fan of the glowing effect, follow up with  GOOD TO GLOW.


You have to protect your lips well because they are the most vulnerable part of your face, having no glands to excrete protective fats in the heat. Therefore going for a lip balm with an SPF factor that also happens to come in three fresh nude shades is the choice of the wise.

You can wear the lip Conditioning Balm by Kate under your favourite lipstick or alone as it gives a beautiful glow.

If you want to add lipstick, Lasting Finish by Kate is a wonderful selection of 5 natural shades that will accentuate your lips beautifully without making them look unnaturally coloured. 


Curling you eyelashes with a curler could be a nice way to open up the eye without using mascara.

 However, if you really really really want to use one, why not try a shade that is less intense, stay off the extreme black and go for brown or dark brown? And, one important stipulation - waterproof!

Rimmel’s 100 % Waterproof Mascara lengthens and separates the lashes. It has a run-resistant finish and it makes the lashes voluminous.

We hope this little tips help you bring out the best side of you with little effort and tonnes of success! 

If you want more product suggestions that will be individually selected for your skin type and preferences, go to Pick N Dazzle’s Beauty Profile section and tell us about you!



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