After-Sun Care

After-Sun Care

Do you know that you can use yoghurt to cure sunburn? Or slice open bags of green tea and mix the leaves in with some water and then spread it on your face. Or how about this: cucumber, slice it up in nice rolls and then just lay very still to keep them balanced on your face.

Don't mind the dripping yoghurt and the green tea goo? I just had a brilliant idea! How about trying it all at once?! Now make sure to stay in your room whilst you have these on because, lets face it, giving someone a heart attack is not the perfect way to start your summer.

If all of these sound like too much hassle how about a muesli bath? Yes it is exactly what it sounds like, you just have to put some oats in your morning bath.

All very classy suggestions don't you think? I'm sure you're already cringing, thinking: Well couldn't someone just find an elegant, convenient and less cow-girl-in-the-field method? Well isn't this you lucky day or what? Pick N Dazzle's untiring team has just that!

Through Pick N Dazzle you have exclusive access to the line Sol Leon by BottegaDiLungaVita. They combine the wisdom of nature with the grace of technology to create an infusion that protects your skin without the troubles of a home-made remedy.

After-Sun Face Cream

It is indeed a gift from nature, it's got it all, the green tea, the aloe vera, yeast cells and Hyaluronic acid even! Wise and chic!

You can't find Hyaluronic Acid at the fruit and veg stand you say? I suppose you caught me there! However you can find it somewhere even better – in your own body. Hyaluronic acid is present throughout your connective tissues, this would mean your skin, nerves, inner lining, cartilage etc.

In your skin, it plays the vital role of repair! When you get a sunburn however, the production of Hyaluronic Acid slows down, which slows down cell repair and thus causes ageing.

Hyaluronic Acid is commonly used in anti-age cosmetics and has made a name for itself in the battle against ageing skin. Now there's something that a gooey face mask that you whipped together at home can't give you!

In addition, the yeast beta glucans support the immune response of the skin; the green tea tones the skin and reduces inflammation; the aloe vera nurtures and moisturises the skin. So there you have it! A real saviour for when you find yourself overindulging in that sunshine!

Enjoy the sun and stay tuned for more on skincare this summer! If you want a more targeted, made especially for you cosmetics approach, create your beauty profile now. Let us worry about protecting your skin so that you don't have to!



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