Affluential, The scent of a winner

Affluential, The scent of a winner

Imagine yourself at the top of your game: you’re the talk of the town, accomplished, important, admired, respected, even envied. You’ve turned your passions into riches the way a gardener sows seeds and you’re reaping the rewards.

You’re in high demand; the determination in your eyes is undeniable ­– you have the spirit of a lion; men hate you, women love you – you’re distinct, you have no competition.

You’re the pure impersonation of well-balanced masculinity – a visionary and a warrior, a lover and a hunter. Your every move is marked by the confident glow of your greatest achievements and proudest conquests.

The rules don’t apply to you – you make the rules and you break the rules.  That’s the fantasy that Affluential brings to life, whether it is to uphold the high stature of your achievements or fuel you with the confidence to go after anything you want!

Affluential is a fragrance inspired by the fusion of archetypical masculine energy and the charisma of the handsome, mannered modern man. Its notes are earthy, mysterious and striking, invoking the pure force of nature that a man is!

Affluential draws you in with its camphor-like lavender notes. These first notes are seductive and tantalizing. Lavender is a powerful aphrodisiac and is bound to make your charisma impossible to resist. The unusual and very distinct aroma of anise complements the lavender superbly.

Its bittersweet notes are almost mouth-watering. Anise is paired up with fennel. The two enhance each other’s captivating fragrance. Fennel is very specific and reminiscent of sweet woody herbs –natural, earthy and fresh.

Underneath these notes, we find a cool, peppery bouquet of basil, cardamom and vetiver. Basil’s bewitching aroma reveals a softer side to the overall scent, denoting gentility and sophistication.  

The spicy notes of cardamom serve to bring out a sense of distinction. Their resinous, minty fragrance is mild but deep and impactful. The vetiver gently runs through the mixture to balance it with hints of balsamic soil and fresh wood.

And to ensure a stable, impactful drydown, the composition rests on notes of amber, musk, oak moss and leather. Amber has a sweet, smoky wood smell and it is both exciting and reassuring.

It is within the notes of musk where a man’s row strength and power are captured, those of the archetypical hunter, fighter protector. It is how Affluential honours a man’s ancient ancestors and the virtues they’ve bestowed upon him.

The deep, pungent odour of musk is carefully balanced with the velvety grass smell of oak moss. The concoction is completed by the potent, virile scent of leather.

The legacy of the ancients combined with the gifts of modernity, Affleuntial has bottled the best of men from both worlds in order to awaken the primal virtues within and truly help you leave a mark.

Let Affluent be yet another ace up your sleeve on your way to conquering your world!

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