A woman 2 exciting

A woman 2 exciting

A woman 2 exciting is an infusion of divine feminine energy that draw in and captures all that is magical about being a woman. It brings out the quintessential feminine goddess in you, the one descendant from Gaia who gave birth to the skies and the oceans and all there is in the world.

Power and independence wed in a swirling dance with fire, and surrender to the primal forces of the universe.

The array of notes within A Woman 2 Exciting is a journey through the manifold nature of femininity, from passion and strength through elegance and sensibility to comfort and tranquillity. It begins with notes of pink pepper, tamarind and blueberry.

The exquisite aroma of pink pepper, an ingredient used in many high-end best selling perfumes, is exciting, sexy and bold, yet unusual, floral and warm. The exotic spicy notes of tamarind, reminiscent of heat and passion, gently come together with fresh sweetness of blueberries in a flirtatious concoction.

They all swirl into a dance with a delicate bouquet of pink violets and cocoa flowers. Pink violets are the most aromatic violets and are incredibly romantic and coquettish.

Their scent has the ability to come and go, granting the overall scent of A Woman 2 Exciting a quality of playfulness and cheekiness.

Cocoa flowers are graceful and strong; they grow directly from the trunk of their tree and are one of the most beautiful blossoms in the world!  

Their very subtle succulent notes stir up tender desires.

This alluring potion settles into a calming elixir of massoia wood, patchouli and vanilla, which plays on a woman’s poise and delicacy.  Massoia wood has a sweet, milky wood aroma and brings a pleasant sense of homeliness and tranquillity, helping you to bring out the softer nuances of your femininity.

Patchouli’s dark sweet notes come in to signify a woman’s connection to the earth - stripped, ingenuous, strong, real, silently almighty! The bouquet mellows into hypnotising notes of vanilla. Alongside patchouli, vanilla brings in cosy, oriental notes, digging deeper into a woman’s divine earthy origins and showering them in enticing softness.

The final notes are sweet and comforting, like the touch of a woman’s hand.

A Woman 2 Exciting gathers all the nuances of a woman’s natural force and blends them into one hypnotising, irresistible fragrance that exudes confidence, mystique, allure and thunder.  It will appeal to any woman of substance seeking to highlight her most precious qualities and declare them to the world, unapologetically and proudly.

A Woman 2 Exciting is like gasoline, it draws out the flame you have within to starts a blazing romance and render you utterly irresistible; it unleashes the feminine goddess inside you, the temptress, the witch, the one impossible to forget. Too hot to draw near, too exciting to stay away.



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