A Princess Heart by Vera Wang

A Princess Heart by Vera Wang

This black and purple glitter encrusted, heart-shaped perfume won’t go unnoticed, you can count on that! Clearly though, with most pretty things, what really matters is on the inside - Vera Wang have revamped their Princess fragrance again for this new version of the sweet scent - after Flower Princess, Rock Princess, Glam Princess and Preppy Princess, this'll be the sixth incarnation.

So the perfume itself - it's sweet as you would expect thanks to base notes of sugar, vanilla and musk, the scent is a combination of exotic flowers, fruits and woody tones. From the top 


you smell wild berries, watermelon and raspberry, which mellow into the heart notes of jasmine, rose and orange blossom, before finally settling into that sweet vanilla-y base.

What else can we say? Sweet fragrance, sparkly bottle, plus a crown-shaped cap that can be worn as a ring - boxes ticked. We are running to the store right now.

Source: www.kissandmakeup.tv 




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