What exactly are indie cosmetics?

Indie cosmetics are created by small, independent companies, free from a bigger ‘umbrella’ company. The cosmetics (be it make-up, soaps, perfumes) are handmade – not mass bought stock. Most indie companies can only be found online, though a few may have small displays in little shops or occasionally have stands at craft or trade-fairs.

Why buy indie?

For us, it’s because indie products are so much more unique than those of any brand you’ll find in the mainstream. When was the last time you spotted a truly unique eyeshadow, lipgloss or blush shade on the shelves of Superdrug? Also, sometimes they could be of a higher quality, longer lasting and far superior in regards to pigmentation.

Indie companies are small, usually run by just one or two people who take care of every aspect of the business. When buying indie, it is very possible that you're paying towards keeping somebody’s passion in creating cosmetics alive.

Finding indie companies

The first thing to do when looking for a new indie company to buy from is browse a few blogs which post fairly frequently about indie cosmetics until you find one which interests you.

Take a closer look at the product listings on their site. One big warning sign is when companies do not list ingredients, which is illegal for US companies (where most indie companies are based). If the ingredients look okay, move on to looking at the companies’ social media sites. A lot of customers will tweet or write on Facebook walls if they haven’t received their order or something is wrong. If you see a lot of these kinds of posts, a warning light should flash in your mind!

If anything at all strikes you as odd during this process or if you have any questions – contact the company owner! If you’re happy with everything you’ve seen, feel free to go ahead and place an order!

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