A Brazilian Beauty Editor on Her Secrets

A Brazilian Beauty Editor on Her Secrets

Not all Brazilians look like models, but I think everyone in Brazil is more or less conscious of the power of beauty. It’s very clear to Brazilians that beauty can empower you.

Beauty here doesn’t come from a place of paranoia,

it’s just that people want to feel good. It’s about feeling well and happy with yourself.

Also it’s very hot and there’s so much body showing that there is a more natural approach to beauty. It’s always about being a better version of yourself, but in a natural way. To be wearing foundation, concealer, powder, lots of makeup — nah. You don’t want it. It’s kind of like when you go to the beach and want to do less. But it’s important to take care of your skin. 

We have a strong dermatologist culture. It’s not so common to have facialists or to go to a beauty counter and talk to the saleswomen to do this and that. But it's a law in Brazil that dermatologists are not allowed to have skin-care lines. As a result,

one thing that is unique are tailor-made skin care products.

Dermatologists work with pharmacies, which have all the ingredients and will write prescriptions for the pharmacies to make, like, “This night cream with one percent this and one percent this" for their patients. The pharmacy makes the prescription according to the doctor so it’s custom, which is very common here.

I think Kim Kardashian’s beauty is a type that really resonates with Brazil. She’s curvy and loves her hair; she’s tan. They understand and they like it. But then again, I wouldn’t say it’s such a craze like it is in the U.S. and U.K. In Brazil,

all the soap operas are more influential.

And of course, Gisele. But the local soap operas have a big impact. People want to know the clothes, rings, the makeup, the lipstick, everything. I remember there were some actresses in a soap opera and in the show, they had a haircut that was sort of like the old Rachel from Friends. And then everyone wanted this shorter haircut! It happens constantly.

We get into global fitness trends. But there are some things, like pedal-surfing, that Brazilians have been doing for quite some time. But there is Spinning here;

ballet fitness is very big right now.

And also fighting, like muay-Thai. You can have your personal fighter and have fighting classes. This is really big because it makes your body very pretty and lean and strong.

Source: www.nymag.com

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