7 Things French Women Never Do to Their Hair

7 Things French Women Never Do to Their Hair

The special thing about French beauty, however, is that it really is effortless—you’ll be want to find a French woman spending hours in front of the mirror perfecting her no-makeup makeup technique.

Speaking of quintessential French women, we recently got ahold of Caroline de Maigret’s charming new book, How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are, which she penned with Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, and Sophie Mas. Ahead is a sneak peek at one of our favorite sections about how to style (or rather, un-style) your hair like a true Parisienne.

French Women Never: Dye Their Hair

“Do not dye your hair, or if you do, only in your original color to highlight it, or to hide any gray.” De Maigret swears this rule is more or less followed by every woman in France—respect Mother Nature and stick to the color chosen for you.

French Women Never: Use a Hair Dryer

“Do not dry your hair with a hair dryer (in fact, you might as well throw your hair dryer away) but instead use two much more environmentally friendly resources: fresh air in summer and a towel in the winter.”

French Women Never: Wash Their Hair Every Day

“It’s not worth washing your hair every day, as it’s usually on the following day…that your hair gains a certain weight that in turn gives it the right volume when tied up in a bun.” French women know that second-day hair is the best kind of hair.

French Women Never: Accessorize Their Hair

“There’s no point in accessorizing your hair.” Short, blunt, and to the point. De Maigret 

recommends avoiding hair clips or headbands if you’re over eighteen, but also hair jewelry or any other type of decorative hair accessory. 

French Women Never: Leave the House With Wet Hair

“Whenever possible, wash your hair in the evening rather in the morning, so as not to leave the house with wet hair.” Because hello, is there anything less chic? Instead, de Maigret promises that falling asleep with damp hair will give it a more interesting shape when you wake up (and we all know that if you’re a true Parisienne, interesting wins over pretty every time).

French Women Never: Forget the Power of Scent

“A touch of perfume on your hair, behind your ear, or on the nape of your neck, never did anyone any harm…” We imagine the particular perfume would be Chanel No. 5, no less. 

French Women Never: Complain About the Heat

“Bless that magical time in the summer when your hair, with some sea water and sunshine, becomes simply perfect: a little bit rough, a little bit lighter, and a little bit salty.”

No further words necessary.

Source: www.byrdie.com

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