6 Reasons Your Foundation Seems Like It Sucks

6 Reasons Your Foundation Seems Like It Sucks

Mistake #1: You’re Not Exfoliating Enough

Foundation will never look flawless on dry, patchy skin. Make sure to exfoliate regularly — this will not only help with a smoother foundation application, but it will also allow your skincare to penetrate deeper and be more effective. For a light, non-irritating exfoliation. 

Mistake #2: You’re Using the Wrong Color

Finding the perfect match for your skin tone is paramount when it comes to natural-looking foundation. We’ve all seen girls who are clearly wearing a foundation that is too light or too dark for their skin, or we’ve possibly even been there ourselves *cough* middle school  *cough*. Luckily, it’s incredibly easy to go to a beauty counter and have them find a perfect match — heck, you can even find your a perfect match through online technology. No excuses, ladies!

Mistake #3: You’re Not Using a Primer

Not using a primer before your foundation is like not using a base coat with your nail polish. Always apply primer before your foundation, as it is an essential step for a smooth, long-lasting finish. Different primers can help with different skin concerns, such as mattifying, illuminating, or concealing redness, so you shouldn’t have to look hard to find the perfect primer.

Mistake #4: You’re Using the Wrong Formula for Your Skin Type

In this day and age, there’s a foundation formula for just about any skin concern. Dry skin, oily skin, aging skin, you name it - there’s a foundation out there for you. Before you purchase foundation, make sure to know your skin type and do your research.

Mistake #5: You’re Not Using a Setting Powder

Setting powder is key for a long-lasting finish, especially for the oily-skinned girls out there. Lightly dusting a translucent setting powder will not only keep your makeup in place and oil at bay, but it also sets the stage for a smoother blush, bronzer or contour application.

Mistake #6: You’re Not Using the Correct Tools to Apply

It’s important to remember that different foundation formulas respond better to some application techniques than others. Some foundations apply best with fingers, while with others you will be better off using a blending sponge or foundation brush. You can ask for advice at the beauty counter or do your own research on what application method is best for your foundation.

Source: www.makeup.com



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