6 New Beauty Apps That Are Worth Checking

6 New Beauty Apps That Are Worth Checking

Need to book a last-minute manicure? Organize your beauty collection? Or even order an at-home massage as easily as you’d order Thai takeout? Yes, there’s an app for all of that, and so much more. Check out Byrdie's editors favourite beauty apps you need to have on your phone.


Think of this app as a personal organizer for your makeup bag. It keeps track of all the beauty products you own with a handy barcode scanner, and reminds you when you're running low (no more last-minute runs to Sephora to pick up your moisturizer). Plus, you can scroll through tons of beauty inspiration and purchase products right from the app—it even alerts you when one of your favorite products goes on sale. Fair warning: You may end up spending the better part of your Sunday scanning all the products you own.



Sure, there are a slew of beauty apps that promise to send a hair or makeup artist to your doorstep in a matter of hours (or minutes). But do they allow you to write reviews about your experience with every hair or makeup person, upload photos of your final look, and choose exactly who comes to you? If not, allow us to introduce you to TheStylisted, a new beauty service app that connects top-tier freelance hair and makeup artists with anyone who needs a last-minute (or far-in-advance) appointment. It’s available for those in New York or Chicago, and will launch in LA later this year.


Beautiful Me

This app pulls photos from your Facebook (or you can upload them directly to the app), and gives you a skin analysis, product recommendations, and anti-aging tips based on the change in your skin over time.


Pretty in my Pocket

Whether you're browsing the beauty aisles at CVS or the glossy makeup counters at Nordstrom, shopping for beauty products can be overwhelming when there are so many to choose from. Enter: Pretty in my Pocket, a handy app that lets you enter the product you're considering buying, then pulls up reviews from members on the app as well as beauty bloggers. Never again will you take home a "long-lasting lipstick” only to discover it only lasts half an hour.


Hair Studio

Tempted to switch up your hair color (or cut), but scared to take the plunge? Allow us to introduce you to Hair Studio, an app that allows users to retouch and enhance their hair in photos in a realistic way. Think: reshaping, adding major volume, coloring, highlights, lowlights, the works. Best of all? It’s totally free, though some features only come with the premium version (which is only $1.99, so your wallet doesn’t suffer that much).


L'Oreal Makeup Genius

Disclaimer: This app is highly addictive. It lets you try on various L'Oreal makeup products before you buy, and the results are surprisingly realistic. But the fun part is watching it give you a full makeup application in a real-time video, not a static photograph.


Have you tried these life-changing beauty apps? Let us know in the comments!

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