6 makeup trends for this autumn

6 makeup trends for this autumn

I know it's hard for you to swallow the end of summer, but autumn has many benefits, some of which are directly related to your makeup! Just think about it, shadows that will not flow from the scorching heat, a foundation that will be ready to last longer than usual, and a bunch of lipsticks in your favorite shades! Isn't that just great? Let's begin!

1. Shine, shine, shine!

Definitely, highlighters will be honored this autumn. The lack of fresh sunlight on your skin can be easily compensated by highlighting your face with favorite products.

Expert advice: Start with a thin line on the nose, reaching to the top; then apply some of the product under the eyebrows and in the inner corner of the eyes for a more refreshed look. The upper part of the cheekbones is mandatory for the effect of "lifting" the face, but you probably already know that! Finally, apply highlighter on the chin and above the upper lip just on the heart line. That way, your lips will stand out, and you will give them a more voluminous look.

Select COUGAR beauty mineral highlighter with kabuki brush;

2. White eyeliner

I know you're used to your favorite black eyeliner, but it's time to forget it. There are many different and exciting ways to wear white eyeliner. One of its most significant advantages is the optical illusion that makes your eyes look bigger and brighter!

3. Two-tone makeup

Why choose one color range when you can select two?? Try different combinations of two totally different colors and find out what your favorite style is.

Expert advice: Combine intense purple and bright blue, apply one of the colors on the upper eyelid, and the other under the lower lashes.

Select TEEEZ LA ISLA CHIQUE; Kaleidoscope & Take a Dive;

4. Artistic makeup

Now is the time to note that any artistic combinations of bright colors will be honored this season. No one will judge you if you draw something different on your eyelids today. The laws are literally forgotten, and the stars won't stop sharing various sorts of art ideas on their Instagram feeds.

Expert advice: If you want to create real art with a makeup brush, then MISS COP artistic makeup palette is just for you.

Select Palette Artist Kit;

5. Go beyond the outlines

The trend for non-standard makeup, which goes beyond the eyelids' contours, made a strong impression on fashion shows this year. Try applying the eyeliner slightly higher on the eyelids, draw a rectangle or circle, and color them in your favorite shades. I know this sounds crazy, but let's trust Prada!

6. Stunning lips

Well, obviously, autumn 2020 is dedicated to brilliance and bright palettes! And since we've already taken care of your face and eyes, it's time to talk about lips. This fall, there are three options-dark deep matte colors, bright red and peach lips, glossy nude!

Expert advice: Apply your favorite shade of lip pencil or lipstick, and use Lip topper - Holograph girl by PHASE ZERO;

Autumn will be different from ever, which is evident from the trends that have imposed the big names in fashion. We are at your service and always ready to provide you with a rich portfolio of products tailored to your tastes and desires. Start your subscription now, and choose your favorite shades for your remarkable fall.



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