Those who work in the fashion industry (like ELLE's editors for example) have an unfair advantage: They have the inside scoop on silhouettes that flatter, cuts that camouflage, and fabrics that hide the physical dirty laundry. See them below: 

The Frat Tuck

“I tuck only one tiny part of my shirt into my jeans,” says a former fashion editor. “So, with depth perception, it looks like I have a flat stomach—if that makes sense.” Of course it does.

The Boy's Is Mine

The best way to look like you’ve got lean limbs? An oversized knit. Much like Swedish blogger Elin Kling, one editor’s instant slimmer is "a men's sweater and leggings.” The key being that a dude’s pullover “is usually longer and baggier than a women's oversized sweater,” she says. Fashion science, people.

The Front-Row-Only Topper

One accessories editor’s go-to: “a blazer that hits below the waist, jeans, and heels. I feel less exposed with a jacket on,” she says. Another trick of the trade to feeling more pulled together? “Heels always help me to carry myself a little better.”

The Bold Shoulder

“On so-called ‘fat days,’ I'm all about the Isabel Marant look: A statement jacket with big, structured shoulders, and cropped, slim pants,” says one anonymous news editor. “Maybe it's dumb, but I feel like if I have linebacker shoulders up top and teeny pants on bottom, I'll sort of look like a triangle shape that slims down from top to bottom. At least in people's brash, two-second judgment of me.” People are the best.

The Pricey Blouse

An overwhelming number of insiders credit the slinky, curve-skimming silk material of an Equipment button down as the Holy Grail of skinny dressing. “Seeing as I find myself in this situation every Monday from eating allllll weekend, I usually stick to a blouse from Equipment,” says one fashion editor. 

The Hourglass Silhouette

Any editor worth her weight in Wang knows that it’s all about capitalizing on your best assets. "Sometimes I'll wear a basic black top—jersey or stretch from Velvet or Enza Costa—paired with a looser skirt, such as this one,” says a fashion editor. “The looseness is comfortable and a bit more flattering on the legs, especially when I’m wearing heels.”